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Why CoSchedule Is The Quickest Way To Innovate Your Blog

Whether you are a full-time blogger making a living with your writing or a part-time hobby blogger, time is a commodity.

Today, it is not enough to write a blog post and move on. To gain traction you must promote your work on social media, share your thoughts across a multitude of platforms, and constantly introduce new readers to your content.

As algorithms change and audiences become more fickle one thing has become apparent, bloggers must constantly engage with their readers. Because audiences are constantly changing bloggers must do it repeatedly.

This is hard. Finding new ways to innovate your blog is not easy. In the past these efforts have taken a lot of valuable energy and time.

But now there is a solution. Today, the number one tool for producing content and spreading the message with ease and repetition is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is an innovative and invaluable asset for bloggers who want to write and share but don’t want to be online every second of the day. Does this describe you perhaps?

CoSchedule takes the guess work out of when and how to spread the word about your posts. It’s simple to use, effective for disseminating your message, and saves valuable time because you can do all the work inside WordPress.

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I signed up for a free trial of CoSchedule back in late 2014. I was in the middle of a long blog series and though this might help me. Unfortunately, I never had the time to try it out. Life and writing were overwhelming me and I didn’t have any extra space to figure out a new element, regardless of how helpful it might be.

Before you spend another dime on a theme or a calendar make sure you innovate your blog with CoSchedule. It works hard for you behind the scenes so you can keep writing. Don't spend all your time promoting your content. Let CoSchedule do the work for you. ★ Learn How to Blog ★

Lesson 1: Try CoSchedule when you have time to play with it.

You can add it to your site for FREE for two weeks. This is plenty of time to get the feel of it and see how powerful it can be. Just make sure you can look at it at least once each day for those two weeks. You don’t want to waste this opportunity.

After my two week trial I let CoSchedule go. I still had no idea what it could do or how it could help me.

Fast forward a couple of months when I decided I needed more support than I was getting from free plugins on WordPress. I signed up for CoSchedule and started working my way through the tutorials and dashboard.

This is where I cue the angel music and spotlight onto my desk.

Hello, Irene!

My productivity and organization started to skyrocket. Suddenly, I could see what I was doing right on my screen. I could control when and where my posts were being shared across my social media platforms without ever having to leave WordPress. I was amazing! (But that’s a different post entirely.) Moving on.

CoSchedule is ideal for visual learners. Within WP it gives you a calendar that shows your drafts, posts, and social shares in one easy-to-read view. Each post and share is movable. Just drag and drop for perfect placement and timing.

coschedule 1


When starting a post you begin in CoSchedule. Click any date on the calendar and you’ll see this:

coschedule 2

Click BLOG POST and you’ll see this:

coschedule 3

Enter your HEADLINE and choose an AUTHOR and CATEGORY then click ADD POST.

Lesson #2: Always use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer when creating new posts

One of the most valuable elements of CoSchedule is their Headline Analyzer and their blog. These free tools will amplify your knowledge and reach each time you use them.

After you add a new post to your calendar you will see it on the prescribed date. If you click on it you’ll see this:

coschedule 4

You want to click EDIT POST IN WORDPRESS

This will give you your regular editing screen. If you edit in another program this will allow you to cut and past right into the WP screen as you always do. There is nothing new to learn here, just keep rollin’ along. Simple, easy, fast.

After you write your post the fun really begins.

At the bottom of your editing screen is a CoSchedule section that looks like this:

coschedule 9

When you click any of the + bubbles you will be able to start adding social media shares. CoSchedule walks you through some possible times – same day, day after, week after, month after, etc.

CoSchedule has created a unique and simple way to share your post across all your social media platforms. If you have been around here for any length of time you know that I stress the importance of sharing a post more than once. I might even have a specific tool to do that. CoSchedule lets you share to your heart’s content.

Lesson #3: Share your post more than once to social media and use CoSchedule to do it.

Don’t assume your entire audience will see you post the first time you share it. Keep sharing. Find new readers by getting your content out there over and over again.

When you have shared your post and others start to share it also, you will start to see this at the bottom of each post:

coschedule 5


There’s nothing like actually seeing the progress you are making.

Finally, after posting and sharing your writing you can keep coming back to your post in the calendar. There you will see how your post is progressing and where it is scheduled to be shared next.

coschedule 8

coschedule 7

This has been amazingly  beneficial to me in sharing old posts. Each week I revamp an old post and schedule it with CoSchedule. My page views are up, my comments are up, my social likes and shares are up. There is no downside on this one. This tool has helped to breath new life into my blog.

As you can see CoSchedule is powerful. It takes the work I do and starts generating opportunities for shares, views, comments, and growth behind the scenes. I only have to spend the time telling it what to do, then I can move on to the next thing.

Anything that does work for me is worth its weight in gold. I always have more posts to write, ideas to research, and readers to interact with. CoSchedule lets me do all these things without worrying about what my old posts are doing.

You can innovate your blog by adding CoSchedule. With this tool never again do you have to write a post and then hope it gets seen. You can write it, schedule it, and let CoSchedule work hard to share it and put it in front of a willing audience.

Before you purchase another theme or calendar or membership, be sure you add CoSchedule to your arsenal of blogging tools. It’s the quickest way to innovate your blog.

Lesson #4: Add CoSchedule to your blog

Successful bloggers invest in their work. This is one investment you cannot afford not to make. 


Here are some more important reasons to innovate your blog and use CoSchedule –

  • It’s lightweight and won’t cause slow downs on your blog.
  • It’s easy to use with multiple writers, guest posters, or team members.
  • It integrates with all of your favorite platforms – WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.





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Comments (2)

  1. Reply Carole

    Hi, Debi! Does it work with Pinterest, too? In your post above, you show a bar graph with Pinterest in it. But, I don’t see Pinterest listed in the video you have on them. Plus, there isn’t enough info on their site to answer this question within clicking on the free sign-up button.

    1. Reply Debi @ DebiStangeland.com

      Thanks for asking Carole.

      Unfortunately, Pinterest pulled their API last year and so CoSchedule no longer publishes to Pinterest. Your only options there are Ahalogy (free) and then some paid services such as Tailwind, Board Booster, & Viral Tag.

      I really wish they still did, but alas, no.

      I think that number above is how many times that one was pinned from my site. It only shows up at the bottom of the actual post, not in the calendar. I must admit I use other analytics for Pinterest but I keep track of Twitter, Facebook, and G+ in CoSchedule. It is a remarkable tool.

      Thank you for stopping by. Happy Blogging!

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