If you are looking for an audience you need to first stop and ask yourself, “What do I have to say?”

Anyone can start a blog and write about everything under the sun. Some of us have actually tried that, but it didn’t work out in the long run. A successful blogger figures out what she or he has to say and then builds a blog around a handful of topics based on that voice.

Readers will hear that voice and return time after time because they know they can count on your site to bring them consistent content. Here is your task, pay attention to your content and make sure it is coherent and systematic.

For example, if I find a great recipe on your site, that my family enjoys, the next time I am looking for something to make for dinner I’m probably going to come by your blog and see what you’ve got. If I pop over and find that you are writing about car repair, I’ll be disappointed. Unless you’ve touted yourself as a car repair(wo)man who also cooks, such a drastic change will seem disjointed and I probably won’t come back. I don’t need an oil change, I need some sustenance.

It’s okay to have varied interests, but when it comes to blogging, you need to find just a few things that you can write about on a consistent basis and then build your audience around those things.

Solve a problem, address a question, provide a solution to a real need. When you do your audience will grow based on your ability to help them in some way. That is what you have to offer as a blogger – help.

Use your voice to build an audience that is loyal, interested and engaged.

Sometimes people don’t know what they need until you give it to them? Give them your voice on a few topics that you can become an expert on. You don’t have to know everything. In fact, your readers will probably appreciate it if you don’t. But knowing as much as you can about what you write about creates trust. Your audience will return time after time because they trust you.

You may think that writing about just a few topics will get boring, but I would contend that when you find different solutions to your reader’s problems, you actually build a stronger, wider base. As you provide varying answers you appeal to a larger audience. Everyone will find a something, a nugget, and that gives them hope for whatever you bring them next. More comfort, more encouragement, more solutions.

So take a look at what you enjoy, what your readers gravitate towards, and figure out how to make those things your core content. Don’t try to offer so much to so many people. Discover what you have to say and offer it up to your readers consistently and compassionately. They will love you for it and become a loyal, interested, and engaged audience. And that’s the goal right?

And don’t for get to dig deep. We all know where the best treasures are found, deep down. You have to really get in there and dig around to find the jewels.  When you start to uncover all those layers, you will become someone that people want to turn to. If you’ve helped them once, you will most likely be able to help them again. It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship that will grow and mature and create lasting bonds.

Your voice matters. Someone out there needs to hear what only you can say. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Find those few topics that you can really become an expert in and then go for it. There is an audience out there waiting for you. Use your unique voice and they will find you.

You can do this!

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