Are you sharing your passion as you write?

When you reveal what you are passionate about, if you are sharing your thoughts and feelings about those passions, they will be like poetry on your blog.

This doesn’t mean you write poems about knitting or couponing, it does however mean that your readers will sense your passion through your writing. Your excitement and your knowledge will be clearly evident in what and how you post.

When you reveal your heart on your blog you find the poetry you were meant to write. Share your voice. Be honest. And build relationships with your readers that will last. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Sharing what matters to you is an important part of growing a blog you love. Where your heart, your knowledge, and your experience crosses paths with other people with similar passions and experiences is the sweet spot where relationships are built.

If you are writing about things that don’t move you, if your poetry feels more like a term paper, you will never hit that sweet spot. You’ll hate it and so will your audience.

Sometimes it takes a while to find exactly what moves you. That’s where pushing forward really matters. If you haven’t found 2-3 things you are excited about it’s time to get intentional about finding your sweet spot.

1. Write a lot

When you are looking for what moves you most it might take time. This time is valuable and you need to be using it wisely. You need to be writing.

Write about anything and everything. Write short posts. Write long posts. Write posts that ask questions and ones that give great details.

As you do all this writing certain topics and formats will rise to the top as your favorites, as things on which you want to dig deeper.

This is invaluable for finding your sweet spot.

2. Write bravely

If you are just starting out you probably don’t have a huge audience. In some instances it might be down right miniscule. This is the best time to write bravely.

Don’t let fear keep you from finding what you are passionate about. Don’t let your mom or your sister-in-law or anyone else keep you from sharing what is really on your heart. Do not be afraid.

This is your time to be bold as you are searching for that sweet spot.

If you have been blogging for a while but feel hum-ho about your content it’s time to step out. Don’t hold back. Yes, you may lose some readers, but you will probably gain those numbers back in spades when you truly start to reveal your heart. You will also build authentic relationships with readers who are interested in what you have to say.

This is a scary proposition for a lot of writers. It’s okay to feel some trepidation but don’t let it keep you from moving forward. Your voice matters and someone needs to hear it. If you are reigning it in you are cheating someone else out of becoming who they are meant to be and you are cheating yourself most of all.

3. Write honestly

I’m sure you want to be honest all the time however, sometimes when searching for the sweet spot in writing you might try something that elicits a lot of comments or shares. But when you take a step back you know it really isn’t where your heart sings.

First, accept the comments and shares. Take them, they’re yours. Be proud of your work. You deserve the accolades.

Second, be honest. You could ride the wave of this type of writing for a while, but soon it will peter out and you’ll be left trying to force something you were never very passionate about.

Take me for example. With all I know about blogging I could be killing it writing a food blog, DIY posts, or homeschool curriculum reviews. But rest assured, this would be a very bad thing for me. It’s not where my heart is, at all.

My heart sings when I write about blogging.

You have to find that sweet spot for yourself. Take all the time you need to do it, but always be working towards it. Write, share, experiment. Find your own poetry and run with it.

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The bottom line is, to build a blog you love you have to love to blog. This happens when you find your sweet spot and you reveal your heart.

When you do the pieces will fall into place and your blog will be a beautiful place for others to visit and for you to share your poetry.




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