The simple truth is comments matter. Sort of.

The holy grail for a blogger has always been comments. Lots and lots of comments.

When people leave their thoughts about one of your posts, whether good or bad, it means they are engaging with you. This is what every blogger is striving for, engagement, to know you made  an impact on someone else. In the past, numbers of comments have been a tried and true measure for success.

But now, the playing field has changed. New participants have entered the game and quite literally moved the goal. Your blog is no longer the only gage for achievement. Today, there are a slew of social media platforms vying for your attention and time.

The simple truth you need to know about blog comments is they are only one part of engagement that matters on your blog.

Blog comments matter but they are just one part of reaching your audience. Remember to "cover the spot" for effectively sharing your posts.  ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

It’s true, your blog is about your readers. You write for them, you engage with them, and you look for ways to bring them back to your site repeatedly. Yet, in doing so you share your content all over the place, creating conduits for your readers to reach your content.

So why would you think that your site is the only place that matters when they interact with you? What about all of those conduits?

If you look at blogging like a game, social media is like taking on the biggest kid on the new playing field. How you handle him is an important indicator of your success.

Like taking on the biggest player on the field, social media is a constant struggle. However, when you have the right mindset for it, social media can add a whole new dimension of success to your blog.

Knowing how and when to use it is a key factor in making social media an integrated partner with your blog comments as you aim for success.

You should have a mission statement for your blog. You also need one for your social media because if you are hearing from others via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, plus getting Pinterest shares and favorites on Instagram, then you are reaching a very wide audience. You need a plan.

You are to be commended for your ability to connect with your followers in ways that enable them to find and read your content. But make sure you have a plan for using all those interactions, plus your blog comments, to further your success. Hence, the social media mission statement.

So, how do you adjust for this new reality of using blog comments as only one indicator of success?

Cover the spot.

Have you ever seen the game with the circles at the fair or a carnival? In this game you are given several discs and you have to drop them over a larger circle without letting them slide off. It’s called “Cover The Spot.”


Let’s see how this game applies to you.

The red circle is your blog. Comments are one of the discs. The other discs are the social media outlets associated with your blog, word of mouth, guest posts and so on. If you are interacting with readers from those outlets, you are really going to “cover the spot.”

If you reject those other outlets and only give credence to comments on your blog, you are missing a whole slew of potential readers. You are leaving the majority of the spot uncovered.

Comments matter. Comments are an important way to interact with your audience, but they are not the only lens you should be looking through as you aim for success. Remember each disc helps to cover the spot.

Use social media with purpose. Start counting all of your interactions as part of your success. Build a diverse and wide audience and you will find the success you seek for your blog.

Are you “covering the spot?”





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