I love creative ways to connect with my readers.

Trying new things, new methods and new ways of interacting makes me excited. I am, by nature, an early adopter.

When I recently read about welcome pages, I was an easy sell. What a great idea!

Welcome pages are blog pages dedicated to the readers who enter your site via a social media platform or other entry point. If you have your blog address listed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube, then you have a perfect opportunity to create a welcome page for that audience.

UPDATE: This post was updated June 2016 with awesome new info and suggestions for using welcome pages.

By sending the visitors from say your Instagram page to your blog, via a page specialized just for them, you create two things. First, you have an opportunity to tell your readers that you care about them right out of the box. Second, you have those readers right in the palm of your hand. You can call them to action very specifically. It’s an amazing opportunity that you need to reach out and grab, today!

Welcome pages are a fantastic way to connect with new readers and direct them around your site. You can serve up your best content on a silver platter. Never underestimate the power of a guided tour for a new visitor. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Don’t get overwhelmed. These pages can really be copies of each other with just a few minor tweaks. What’s most important is what is on them and how the information is organized.

For years, I’ve wanted a way to duplicate posts and pages on WordPress. I finally found a way to do just that with a plugin called Duplicate Post. With this plugin you can easily clone a post or page, making the idea of creating multiple welcome pages simple and easy. For the record, I’d never donated to a plugin creator until  I found this one. It was more than worth it to me.

If you look at the pages I have created, you will see that they are all basically the same:

They all have a basic intro with a nice clear photo of yours truly. AND they have CTAs, or calls-to-action, that keep readers right on my blog and get them signed up for my email list. BAM! I also take them to my stellar ABOUT page and my START HERE section so they can get rolling fast.

Here’s what it looks like:


Finally, when I have led them around, and they have spent considerable time on my site, I invite them to follow me on social media.

Word to the wise. Don’t overdo it. Pick your top 3 sites, not every single one. Choose the ones on which you are most active.  For me it’s my Facebook group and Pinterest. This is a great way to connect with my readers on another level, but I make sure it is my last call-to-action.

Like this:

The only place you don’t want to use a welcome page is on Pinterest. You can only get verified there with a top level blog address. (like this: www.debistangeland.com) You can’t be verified and use an address with a subdomain (like this: www.debistangeland.com/pinterest-welcome) But for all other platforms, welcome pages are a great way to connect with new readers and direct them to your best content.

Give this a shot. And don’t forget – take advantage of the little time you have with new visitors. Make it count.



photo credit: Alex Ermolin via photopin cc