# 17:What You Need To Know About The MailChimp Template Design Center

The MailChimp template design center makes it incredibly easy to customize your RSS campaigns.

With their drag and drop system you can change everything from the colors to the fonts to the layout of your template with just a few simple clicks.

Learn what you need to know to make your campaigns unique and effective for your readers with this step-by-step tutorial.

# 15: Astound Your Readers With A Unique MailChimp RSS Campaign

One of the best features of MailChimp is the ability to create unique and beautiful email campaigns for your readers.

You can customize them to match your brand and your style.

A customized MailChimp RSS campaign will engage your readers and help ensure loyalty from your subscribers. They will want to hear from you regularly.

Make your emails beautiful and grow a blog you love.