See More Results On Your Blog With These 4 Stellar Action Steps

It’s Monday! Woop woop! You’re right, no one should be this happy about Mondays but I love the potential that the first day of the work week brings. It’s so exciting. Plus, I’ve got some stellar action steps for you to take to get your blog ready for the crush of new visitors you’re going to get this fall.

Yes, I’m that confident!

For those of you following along from last week the internet repairman finally did come. He fiddled with some stuff, said it was fixed and it promptly crashed the next morning. Awesome!

But today, today I’m connected so here we go.

For those of you who are just discovering my action step posts feel free to jump right in. You can start with the easy projects in this post or check out any of the other weekly action step articles on my site. All of them will help you become a better blogger so jump on board.

As a small blogger you've got to be one step ahead of the game. This week's stellar action steps will help you see more results on your blog and prepare you for the busy season ahead. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Here’s how this all works. At the end of each week I do a live video on Facebook LIVE in my Facebook group BIG Idea Bloggers. I answer questions members have about blogging and give suggestions that small bloggers can easily implement.

If you want to see last week’s video and get even more explanation you can join my group and replay it.

The last time we got together I talked about how you can make your LIVE videos better and what you need to do to get ready for the fall blogging season.

Design covers for your FB LIVE videos

I believe you have to do whatever it takes to draw in new viewers to your FB page. FB LIVE videos are an awesome tool to help you connect with your audience. Now, you can design covers and then place them in your videos after you make them.

Step one is make a video.

Step two is design a cover. I make mine in PicMonkey at 900×900.

Be sure to put your important info in the upper half of the graphic so it will look good on your FB video page and in the feed.

Here’s what mine look like:

AWESOME Action Steps Vid Cover A

This is what they look like on FB.

Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 1.17.32 PM

See how it only shows the top part of the graphic? Keep that in mind.

Step three is add it to your video. You can do this by clicking the date/time link under your name on your FB video post. Like this:


Stellar action steps date

Facebook will then take you to a dedicated screen for your video. Here you will EDIT your video:

Stellar action steps 1

You will then be taken to a video editing screen where you can add a custom  cover (CUSTOM) and add a title for your video which I highly suggest so that it is easier to search on your video page.

Stellar action steps custom cover

Save and that’s it. You’ve got your video edited and customized.

Learn to use different graphics programs for different needs

There are so many free and inexpensive tools out there these days for creating graphics. You should learn how to use several different ones for the different needs on your blog and social media. Here are the ones I suggest.

I use affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, when you make a purchase I may get a small commission. Your support is very appreciated. Thank you!

PicMonkey – I use this gem for all my blog graphics; featured image, pinnable image, and Twitter and FB image. Now with the HUB option you can save your creations to edit later. (The HUB option is available to all Royale members.)

Canva – I use Canva for all of my printables. Canva does a wonderful job with design that will make you look like a pro. Pay for upsell graphics/photos or use your own for free. It’s the best program out there for anything you want your readers to print. – I use the free version of this amazing program for any announcement-type post I make. Upcoming events, calendar reminders, etc. This program is lightning fast and renders beautiful end products. The upside of this program is that you can make one graphic and then automatically create a multitude of other sizes for all your social media platforms. It’s wonderful.

Adobe Spark – I use this for slideshows and quote graphics. It’s a bit slow but the final results are always great.

You should definitely learn how to use more than one graphics program because no one program will satisfy all of your needs. As you practice with each one you’ll learn which ones work best with your different needs. Most importantly, have fun.

Get ready for fall traffic with a clean sidebar

Fall is a boon time for bloggers of all sizes. People are back from vacations and getting back into regular routines. Those routines include reading blog posts. Make sure you are ahead of the game by cleaning up your sidebar now.

Update all your links, ads, and freebies. Make sure your sidebar is clutter free and easy to read.

Don’t wait for fall before you clean up your site. Start working on it now and be ready for new readers and traffic to come your way.

Clean up your categories and posts

Now is the time to clean up your categories. Make sure each one is in line with your mission statement. If it isn’t un-publish it. Make sure each post associated with the categories you have chosen.

Make your blog user-friendly. Make your site a place where people want to come, read, and interact and give them plenty of reasons to return.

Clean categories that align with your mission statement will be just the ticket.

If you decide a post isn’t right for your site any longer there is no need to delete it, just turn it into a draft so it cannot be seen by the public. You may want to rework it to fit better on your site or keep it for future reference. Easy peasy.

Simple Action Steps

There you have it. Stellar action steps you can implement right now to see more results on your blog. Your job as a small blogger is to do the hard but rewarding work. Be ready for what’s coming next. Be proactive. Positive results will follow.

If you want to learn more about any of these steps come join the FB group and watch the video. There is a lot more to learn by watching as I also answer bloggers’ questions and we dialogue off the cuff.

Here’s a free printable to help you stay on task this week.


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  1. Reply Ruthie Gray

    Debi what an excellent post! I love your detailed run-down on the graphic sources. I’m pretty much a free pic monkey and Canva type gal but knowing the features of the others and how they would benefit me is so helpful! Also, I’m going to make covers for my Fb live videos now! I can’t wait to get started on that! Thanks SO MUCH! ❤️

    1. Reply Debi @

      Hey Ruthie! I’m so glad this was helpful for you. FB covers are super fun and important. You go girl!

      Happy blogging!

  2. Reply [email protected]

    Great suggestions! I’ve been using Canva, but I’ll have to check out Relay That. I’m a newbie, so the etips on FB covers was really helpful!

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