So You've Started A Blog......Now What?

First, don’t freak out. Blogging is awesome and fun and amazing and something you are going to want to do often! This page has been designed to get you started off right. You can get started on the path to success in four easy steps…

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Learn all you can

Blog Fundamentals
Learn the basics of blogging from themes to plugins to tools you need to be a success. Start here to set yourself up with a strong foundation and learn what you need to do to maximize your reach.
Personal Development
Blogging is much more than writing posts. There are key skills you need to learn to offer the best content to your readers. Learn to develop your personal and professional skills as you also create a successful blog you love.
Planning & Organization
Life gets busy. You need a plan. But you also need the right planning tools. They will make a big difference in the speed and accuracy of your success. Learn what it takes to stay focused and on track for maximum results.
Social Media
Social media is a vital component of a successful blog. Find out how social media can your aid in your success by learning to master this vital resource.
Social Media
Traffic & Audience
Without an audience your blog will go nowhere. Learn the ins and outs of building an audience and driving traffic to your site.
Writing well is a sure fire way to guarantee readers who come back again and again. Learn some of the trick and tips the best writers use to share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

Step 4

Use the best tools available

Best Blogging Tools
Successful blogging starts with using the right tools. Here are the tools I use and recommend for growing a blog you love.
Show Me The Tools