Branding your new blog is an important step in your success.

Your readers need to be able to find you across the web. Your name, the name of your blog, your hashtag, or your tagline will become the key way readers follow your writing, engage with your ideas, and share what you have to say with others.

The web is a crowded place these days. For some, if you you haven’t already reserved your name on platforms like Facebook and Twitter you are out of luck.

But have no fear. There some excellent tools for helping you create a memorable brand name for your new blog that will resonate with your readers and make it wonderfully easy to find you all over the internet.

Your new blog deserves excellent branding. Use these three terrific tools to help you stay consistent across all platforms and get creative if your first name choice is taken. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

1. Blog Name Generator

Most likely you’ve got your blog name picked out and purchased already. If not, this is a great tool for that. However, it’s also a great idea generator. If you can’t get your blog name on all the platforms you will be using for your new blog, this will help you come up with an alternative.

The site is a bit bulky but the results are super. You plug in a few keywords – it could be your name, your blog title, your hashtag of choice or your tagline – the Blog Name Generator then creates a whole slew of options you can peruse.

You may find exactly what you are looking for in the long list of results.

The results may also be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing to come up with a creative alternative.

I don’t have a food blog but for fun I put food, tasty, and yummy into the keyword box. The results were tons of fun.

Give it a try.

2. Namech_k

This handy tool allows you to input name of choice into a search bar and then serves up results for everything from Facebook to Dribble to Bandcamp. It also tells you what domains are available for the name you have chosen.

It is imperative for you to check this site when you decide how you want to brand your new blog. Namech_k lets you know immediately if all the major players are available for the name you have chosen. You’ll save yourself a ton of time and avoid the headache of choosing a name only to find out it isn’t available for Pinterest or YouTube. Oy!

Go try it out – insert your own name into the search bar at Namech_k and see what comes back.

3. Domainr

This is my absolute favorite tool for getting creative with names. Domainr gives back all the available options for any domain name you might choose. It’s a great way to start a new blog because of all the results you are shown. You can make an informed decision as to whether you should use a particular spelling or other letter combo.

But Domainr is also an ideal place to generate ideas about how to get creative with your new blog name. You may want a custom URL – find it here. Perhaps the name you had hoped for on Instagram isn’t available – use this to come up with a creative alternative.

Domainr is the perfect tool for helping you think outside the box. Give it a shot.

Launching a new blog is exciting and fun. Make it as easy as possible for readers to find you across the web with consistent branding. Use these three tools to help you get creative when your first name choice isn’t available. It’s okay to be different, as long as you stay consistent across the board.

So, go ahead. Get those creative juices flowing with these three terrific tools for branding your new blog.