The ULTIMATE Social Media Scheduling Kit will put you on the fast track to maximizing your reach and growing a successful blog you love.

It’s 18 pages of power-packed tools to help you stay consistent, track your progress, and optimize your sharing schedule.

Each kit comes complete with instructions, pre-scheduled checklists for all the major social media platforms, and do-it-yourself pages to customize as you as you learn to share to social media with confidence and mastery.

If your goal is to convert shares into traffic The ULTIMATE Social Media Scheduling Kit is for you.

Start maximizing your reach and growing your blog through social media today!


$5 for the complete kit

What’s Included

  • Detailed instructions
  • Pre-scheduled checklists
  • Customizable checklist for advanced users
  • Tracking sheet for your posts
  • Facebook scheduling sheets for a 7-day week
  • Facebook best-performers tracking sheet

Why You Should Buy This Kit

  • Do you struggle to consistently post to social media?
  • Do you wonder when you should share your blog posts on social media?
  • Are you confused about which platforms you should share to?
  • Do you wish you could be more organized about your social media shares?
  • Have you wanted to increase your engagement on Facebook but couldn’t figure out how?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need this kit.


Never again will you wonder about when or where to post.

Simply write a blog post then use the pre-scheduled checklists to post to social media. Once you schedule your posts at the appropriate times you can move on to other things.

With the tracking sheet you can watch your posts and see how they are performing on publish, one week after being published and up to 6 months after you publish them.

By tracking your posts you will see what your audience responds to, what they engage with, and then you will be able to mirror your best performers with more great content.

Using the Facebook scheduling sheets you can post 2-7 times per day at times of your choosing. Track your best performers to see what types of posts your audience responds to most. Adjust your share times and types based on these results.