4 Super Simple Action Steps You Can Take To See Blog Success This Week

It’s a new week of blogging and a new week to get a whole lot done. If you’ve been around me for any length of time you know I believe in setting three main goals for the week. But, sometimes you don’t even know where to start.

I want to help springboard you to being able to see some blog success in the next five days.

I’ve got four simple action steps you can take to start moving forward and see some real, tangible results. Your voice matters. Use these tips to get it heard and grow your site.

At the end of each week I go live on Facebook LIVE in my Facebook group BIG Idea Bloggers. I answer questions members have about blogging and give suggestions that small bloggers can easily implement.

If you want to see last week’s video and get even more explanation you can join my group and replay it.

The last time we got together I talked about these four things. They are simple action steps you can take this week to really see success.

Do you best work this week. Complete these 4 simple action steps and set yourself up for maximum blog success with focus and purpose. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Add tabs to your Facebook page

Facebook is slowly rolling out changes to the look of our pages. If you have a page for your blog you’ll soon see the new layout for desktop. While you are waiting for the new layout you can get started by adding tabs to your page.

In the past tabs were listed across the top and only two or three were visible. Now, they are all visible down the side and will be important for visitors to find out more about you and your site.

new fb page layout

If you’ve never put tabs on your Facebook page now is the time. Go to the Manage Tabs link either from the MORE section at the top or the bottom of the list as shown above.

I recommend ICONosquare for showing off your Instagram feed, MailChimps FB add-on for your email list, and Woobox apps for adding your Pinterest feed to your page.

There are a lot more options for things like WooCommerce, Etsy, SoundCloud and more. Come find out more in the FB group.

Tabs are going to become non-negotiables in the near future because of the ability to direct readers back to your email list and other social sites, so don’t miss out.

Side note: Be sure to have your Call To Action set up too. That’s the blue button under the cover art above. It’s now much more prominent and can help with conversions.

Learn how to properly read a blog post

There are thousands of pins out on Pinterest these days promising amazing results and fast success. Most of the promises being made are junk. But how do you know?

You’ve got to learn to read a blog post properly to see if what the author is promising is true or not.

When clicking on a “magical” pin that guarantees you quick list growth or waterfalls of cash, start at the bottom of the post. Read about the author.

Does he or she have any experience? How long has she been blogging? Does she have kids or just a cat? Is she capable of following through with the promises she’s making? Her bio will give you all the clues you need.

Don’t get sucked into unrealistic promises by someone who doesn’t have to work a full-time job or even have a family. That person is living a different life than you are, which is fine, but it doesn’t require the same time and energy that your life might require.

When you learn to read a blog post properly you’ll be able to decipher the truth behind the fantastic headlines and take the advice with a grain of salt, if needed.

Limit your interactions so you can get work done

Every blogger loves a free printable or an email series but sometimes we jam pack our inboxes with so much information we can’t get any work done.

Take some time this week to go through your inbox and determine which emails you need to keep receiving and which ones you need to unsubscribe from.

No one can read more than a couple of emails per day, if that. If you’ve got five or more coming into your email box each day it’s time to re-evaluate.

Are you studying about blogging so much you don’t have time to actually do it?

I like to think of it like this – if I were going to pay for a course on say Twitter I’d sign up and do that course. I would then go out and pay for five more courses on Twitter. Instead, I’d implement what I’d learned and do the work necessary to grow my Twitter following.

It’s the same with other email offers. Find the teachers you connect with, the information that is helpful and then implement it. Leave yourself space to do your own work and grow your own blog. Don’t overload on teaching or promises of the magic bullet.

Know this. There is no magic bullet.

Set up a designated email for signups

Part of getting down to the business of blogging, of doing the work is to not being distracted.

This is easier said than done if you are like me and have kids running in and out of the house or a family drama unfolding or a crazy (but well-loved) aunt who sends you multiple emails each day with pictures of cute, fuzzy animals or “important” news about boogey-men hiding under cars in the mall parking lot.

Not that I would know anything about that……

But, if you are signed up for numerous newsletters and RSS feeds and have an aunt like the one mentioned above, it’s time to organize your emails.

Set up a designated email address just for signing up for courses, freebies, printables, and newsletters.

I have several emails that serve different parts of my life. I use one for business, one for family and keeping track of my kids and all their activities, one for coupons, and one for blog email signups.

When I’m working I keep everything but the blogging email closed so I can interact with clients and other blog partners. I check the email signups once every couple of days so it’s not inundating me with info and things I feel I “must” read.

Organizing your email signups into their own account will help you stay on task and keep moving forward with your own work.

Side note: I not only use a separate email for signups I often use a different name so I can do market research and keep an eye on the competition. Sneaky? Maybe, but it works well for me. If you are in a competitive niche you might consider it.

Simple Action Steps

There you have it. Four simple action steps you can take this week to see tangible blog success. Your job as a blogger is to do the work. Don’t get bogged down in the trivial and waste valuable time. Learn to economize and be smart with your time and energy. As a small blogger it’s imperative.

If you want to learn more about any of these steps come join the FB group and watch the video.

WEEKLY SUCCESS ACTION STEPSHere’s a free printable to help you stay on task this week.



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