A Passion To Write

Are you writing because you just can’t help yourself?

When you find your groove, your passion, your voice, you can’t help but write.  If you don’t feel like you are at this place, then it’s time to change your game plan and figure out what it is that will compel you to write.  It might not be as complicated as you think.

Of  course, there are  a few key things to remember, like not copying someone else.  Use your own voice.  Talk about things you know, things that are easy to write about. And don’t forget to infuse your own personality into what you write.

Writers write. Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes it is far from that. It’s okay to struggle for your thoughts. What is most important is that you keep pushing forward. You don’t even have to want to do it. You just have to write one word, and then another. Allow what you know is inside to come out because it can’t be subdued.

Great writers keep on writing. It's not about wanting to write. It's all about having an insatiable need to write, as you should. Keep writing. You can do this! #Writing

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You can do this!

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Comments (9)

  1. Reply Jay Lickus

    Debi, I don’t want to write but my blog makes me.

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      I know that feeling Jay. But sometimes there are things that I just can’t help writing about. How about you?

  2. Reply Jessica Butler

    I haven’t long started blogging, but I’ve always enjoyed writing! I seem to get my best ideas before I go to sleep so I have to make note just so I don’t’ forget 🙂

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Great idea Jessica! I write myself a lot of notes too. I seem to get good ideas in the craziest places – in line at the bank, in the produce aisle. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Reply Mary

    I have this passion! I’ll be honest that writing is all I want to do right now but since I have a full-time job, writing doesn’t always get the focus I would like. I love using my phone to take notes when those writing ideas just pop up. Thanks for the pointers! Mary

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Yay Mary!!! I feel your passion. Keep writing. Keep going. I love to use my phone too – I’m a big Evernote fan. You go girl!

  4. Reply Tammy K.

    I want to write all the time! Look around, there is just so much to talk about!

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      I love your enthusiasm Tammy. You go girl!!!

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