Blog posts that see the most traffic are those that offer the most value to readers.

When readers come to your site and find a post they love what do they take away of value?

Is it knowledge? Is it the ability to share what they’ve learned? Is it a clear pathway to fall further down the rabbit hole?

Of course your writing and your subject matter carry weight but there are some powerful blog post elements that can increase the value of everything you write, regardless of subject matter.

Drawing readers in isn’t just a matter of saying something meaningful. It also involves giving them ways to take the next step. You have the power to direct readers to that next step. With a few well placed elements you can offer your readers great value.

A successful blog post has key elements that offer value to your readers. Give your audience an opportunity to share what they've learned and dig deeper and they will become loyal readers. ★ Learn How to Blog ★

A successful blog post leaves readers wanting more, much more. Here are some tips on adding value to your posts.

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1. Click To Tweet

When you hit emotional chords with your audience they want to share what they’ve read. Do you have a simple way for them to do that?

The easiest way for a reader to spread the word about your awesome blog post is to tweet it out. If you have a click-to-tweet option in your posts it’s as simple as one click.

I am a huge fan of CoSchedule. One of the reasons is because of a free tool they offer called Click To Tweet. It’s a simple plugin that allows you to add a tweetable link right to your text without any coding. It looks nice too.

The plugin adds a handy icon to your WordPress editing toolbar. One click and you can add your text and keep on typing.




There are other options, some are even built in to select WP themes. I like CoSchedule’s Click To Tweet because it’s simple yet highly effective.

Readers can stop, click, and keep on reading with barely a hitch.

Here’s how simple this is:

Add the plugin and see this icon in your editing tool bar. Click to create your tweet.

click to tweet 1

When you click the birdie you get this box where you can create your text.

click to tweet 2

It will look like this in your edit view.

click to tweet 3

 It will look like this in your published post. Readers can click to tweet your text and keep right on reading.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Go ahead, download this powerful plugin for yourself.

2. Further Resources

I use a powerful theme called Credence. It’s like the Ferrari of WordPress themes and in conjunction with WP Visual Composer I am able to create all kinds of fancy boxes, tabs, video parallax bars, and animated charts. One of my favorite tools is to create a “Further Resources” in a tabbed box at the end of each post. Here I can recommend both free and paid resources and give my readers access to the best tools I know.

I use my fancy theme but you can do this with just a few well-placed hyperlinks.

Here’s what my version looks like (and why I LOVE Credence.)

dig deeper 1

See what I’ve done?

I’ve created a reading list for my readers to dig deeper. The links go back to my Amazon affiliate program but offer great value for my audience. It’s a win-win.

You could add anything here – books, websites, other blogs, affiliates, products, services. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy box. Create some links and give your readers a chance to keep going on whatever topic you are talking about.


Delicious Blogging: The Ingredients You Need To Create A Better Blog ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★


3. The Rabbit Hole

When a reader finds a post they like don’t let them go. Make every effort to keep them on your site by leading them around, by the hand if need be. Be their indispensable tour guide. Show them the way.

In the past the nRelate plugin was a good option for a lot of people but it’s kaput now. That’s no reason not to just create your own quick and easy map to the next thing and the next.

At the end of each post create your own list of posts that readers should read next. These may be posts in the same category as the one they just read or you may direct them to your latest material or old posts you want to get fresh eyes on. It’s up to you.

I suggest keeping the list to 3 to 5 posts and don’t forget to uncheck the OPEN IN NEW WINDOW box when you add the link. The more they dig around in your site without opening a new window the better your numbers will be on your analytics.

Here’s how mine looks:

Tell your readers what to check out next. Keep them on your site.

read these 1

Make sure this box is NOT checked. It’s better for you when directing readers around your site. Only check it for external links.

read these 2

These blog post elements are powerful. They can expand your reach and grow your traffic which in turn helps you to grow a blog you love.

Try them and give your readers lasting value.





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