In our last lesson I told you there are a various ways to offer your readers an opt-in form for your email list.

It’s true. There are hundreds and hundreds of different methods by which to do this, but how do you choose which one is best? Who wants to wade through pages and pages of plugins or hours of Google searches? Not you I’m sure.

Like cream rises to the top of a pail of milk, there are also a few proven tools you can use to encourage sign ups to your list.

Some of these are for your sidebar and have more customization options without having to know code. Others are pop ups or drop down bars.

These are some of my favorite ways to add a MailChimp opt-in form to your site. You can try them and then decide which ones you prefer.

A MailChimp opt-in form is crucial to building your email list. These options will help.

The tools I am sharing here all have a free and pro options so you should try them to see how they work for you before you make a purchase. All are fully integrated with MailChimp, making it easy to connect your list to their platforms.

Add some pizzazz to your MailChimp opt-in forms by using a third-party plugin. There are hundreds of options, but like cream rises to the top of the milk pail, so do a few of the options available today. These 5 innovative choices are sure to help grow your email list quickly. Use them to attract subscribers and grow a blog you love. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

1. MailChimp For WordPress Lite

The best thing about this simple plugin is the short code it creates.  You can use the short code in a text widget, in the middle of a post, at the end of a post. It’s brilliant.

You can use this plugin for free with limited capabilities or pay for the pro version. MailChimp For WP Lite  is an excellent choice for anyone who is new to MailChimp and wants a simple method for adding a MailChimp opt-in form.

2. SumoMe

SumoMe is a powerful tool for adding pop ups, drop downs, and a host of other great list building options. They offer a scroll box, a list builder, and heat maps to see where users are clicking most on your site.

A positive aspect of SumoMe’s pop ups is how they come up on the side of the screen instead of right in the middle. Many bloggers and readers prefer this to the in-your-face method offered by other plugins.

My favorite tool offered by this company is called Welcome Mat. It is an initial landing screen that scrolls up if a reader doesn’t choose to sign up. It’s effective, but not intrusive and can be set not to reappear for a certain number of days or visits. I’ve had great success building my list with this tool.

SumoMe can be used for free or in a pro version.

Third-party plugins make adding MailChimp opt-in forms to your site a breeze. Use these 5 innovative choices to attract subscribers and grow a blog you love. Click To Tweet

3. Hello Bar

Hello Bar has been around for years and is used by many bloggers to build their email lists. Hello bar is minimally customizable with the free version and can either drop onto the top of your screen and then scroll away or be permanently placed at the top of your site.

Hello Bar is available in a free or paid version.

A great tip for using this tool is to make the color of the bar distinctly different from the rest of your blog. If you are using active and passive colors on your site – make your bar an active color or even a totally different color from your regular active links.

You don’t want this bar to blend in – you want it to stand out and draw attention to itself for best results.

4. Magic Action Box

For anyone who wants to customize their opt-in form with a little more pizzazz Magic Action Box is a great choice. It has a steeper learning curve that some of these other resources, but if you are a DIY kind of blogger, this one deserves a look.

You can create any number of forms for your sidebar or the end of your posts and add graphics, pictures, and text to create boxes of any size – from small to full page.

I’ve personally used Magic Action Box for several years and I can attest to the effectiveness of their product.

They have both a free (lite) version and some paid options.

5. Pop Up Ally

When it comes to great looking pop up boxes Pop Up Ally is hard to beat. It’s super simple to use and attracts subscribers at high rates. If you are going to use a full blown pop up box, this is the one to use.

There is a free version and a pro option.

This plugin has great reviews and is also one I have used with success.

Challenge yourself to  try one or more of these options. See how they work for you and your audience. Your list should begin to grow quickly once you add a MailChimp opt-in form to your site.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.



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