It’s time!

You’ve made it past the first, most important part of mastering MailChimp by setting up your list. You now how have sign up forms, confirmation forms, a thank you form and maybe even a thank you page on your blog. You are making great progress.

Now it’s time to make your list available to your readers. There are several options when it comes to getting readers signed up from your blog and on social media.

You can use signup boxes from MailChimp, third-party plugins, integrations on social media, and Facebook tabs.

In this lesson we’re going to put your signup form onto your Facebook page. The tools for this are a little bit hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Don’t worry. Follow along and you’ll have your form up and running in no time.

Start by signing into MailChimp. When you get to the Dashboard, go to the top right corner. You will see your gravatar and your name. There is a small down arrow next to these, click it.

The drop down menu will give you several options about your account and your profile. Click the PROFILE option.

Day 11 NotificationsThis is your profile section and you can make changes to your account and your personal information here. But, today we’re going to head straight to INTEGRATIONS. Click.

You will see a directory of third-party platforms on which you can integrate your signup form. Most of these are for advanced users, however, the second option from the top is Facebook. Click it and log in

When MailChimp logs into your account, you will be given some options for pages on which to place your form.

1. Choose the page
2. Choose the list you want it to pull from
3. Say YES to use signup form tab
4. Use My List Theme
5. Choose a label for your tab
6. Save
7. Test Connection


When choosing a label for your Facebook tab keep it short. You only have a few characters to work with on Facebook. Sign Up, Email List, Free Download, Join Now, are all good options.

You can see your new tab on your Facebook page. Head over to your page. Mostly likely you won’t be able to see the tab yet, but it’s there. Click the MORE tab at the top of your page, just under your cover photo.

Day 11 MORE

Now click the MANAGE TABS option. From here you can drag your MailChimp tab up. Place it in the top top four tabs so it shows up on Facebook. I suggest placing just after your About tab. Save it. Your list is now available from your tabs in Facebook.

Click the tab. You will be taken to a screen within Facebook that shows your signup form. Readers can subscribe right from here. Awesome, right?

Can your readers sign up for your email list wherever they find you? Make it easy for them to join your list by integrating your MailChimp forms with Facebook. By adding your signup form to Facebook you give readers every opportunity to become part of your community. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

There is one more area you can customize on Facebook, the apps section in the left sidebar. MailChimp automatically places a picture next to your tab label in this section but you can personalize this picture to reflect your branding.

Here is what MailChimp defaults in this area

Day 11 MailChimp Default

For this change you need to go to the SETTINGS section of your page in the upper right corner of Facebook. Now, find the APPS section in the left sidebar. This will give you a list of all the apps currently being hosted on your page.

Day 11 Settings


You’ll get this pop up

Day 11 Change Image

Now choose the option to CHANGE Custom Tab Image

You’ll see this pop up

Day 11 Upload Image

Create a graphic in PicMonkey or Canva with these dimensions. Avoid too many words because it is so small. Stick with one or two colors and a clear graphic, if necessary. BAM! You’re good to go.

Make it simple for readers to join your email list by integrating your MailChimp forms with Facebook.Click To Tweet

Your Facebook visitors and fans can now sign up for your email list right from your Facebook page. You are rockin’ now!

Using the Facebook MailChimp integration option is an important step in mastering MailChimp. It is also an important part of giving your readers and fans plenty of ways to join your list.



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