Every week bloggers around the world open up The BIG Idea newsletter to find the latest news in blogging and social media, tips on how to maintain and manage their sites, advice on how to focus on what matters, and bright ideas for creating a successful blog. They use the newsletter to maximize their blog success.

The point of The BIG Idea (sample) is to serve bloggers up the best information available from around the web in a short, concise email. Not all bloggers have the opportunity or the time to keep up with the latest trends in blogging and social media. But the smart bloggers know they don’t have to. They can get all the news delivered straight to their inbox in this every-so-handy newsletter.

Are you on the list to get this fantastic resource? If not, get signed up. You won’t regret it. If you already receive the newsletter it’s important to make sure you are getting the most out the information that comes to your inbox each week.

The BIG Idea newsletter has four main sections. Each one is designed to help bloggers in a particular way as to further their success.

What’s BIG This Week

The first section of the newsletter includes three timely articles or posts from bloggers, social media experts, marketers, and others that will help any blogger up their game.

Do you need help with creating content? How about a better way to plan and schedule posts? Maybe you are looking to add a new social media platform to your lineup. Which one is best? How do you use it well?

All these questions and more are answered in this section of the newsletter.

But sometimes you don’t have time to read each article in detail. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for how to manage this part of the newsletter so you can get maximum results from the information it contains.

Management Plan

Download POCKET

Pocket is the world’s leading save-for-later service. It’s an app/extension that can be used on your phone, tablet, or desktop to store web articles until you are ready to read them. It’s free.

By using a tag system you can organize articles by topic, date, or any other method you designate. After articles are read you can archive them. You can also favorite the ones you to reference again and again.

Create a TBI tag

When you receive the newsletter open each article in section one and Pocket it using this tag. You can come back and read them later, as time allows.

Choose the best

Not every article or post will apply to every blogger every time a newsletter is sent. That’s okay. After you have Pocketed the posts you can decide which ones you need to act on. Choose the best articles for your situation and needs then forget the rest.

Spring into action

Once you have decided which articles are worthy of your attention it is important to act on them. Add the post to your priority list for the week as something you need to start working on or accomplish for that week. If you try to put it off you’ll never come back to it. Do it now!The BIG Idea newsletter is an excellent tool for furthering your blog success and these tips will help you use it for maximum results. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Did You Know?

The second section of the newsletter is designed to give you a tangible and timely boost in your blog success. Whether it’s the latest post from DebiStangeland.com, a training video, or a helpful tip in using social media this is an “act now” section. It is designed to be simple and short and something you can do right away that will make a big difference in how you blog.

Management Plan

Read Immediately

Read this section immediately and click on any hyperlinks. Read or Pocket any articles, watch any videos, and try any social media tips. This will give you a boost for the week.

Pocket what’s important

Any links, videos, or tips you want to have for future reference should go directly into you Pocket. Start building your resource list with an appropriate tag such as Social Media Tips, Handy Tools, Teaching Videos, or similar.

Meanwhile….Back On The Ranch

Section four of the the newsletter is a little insight into the life I lead as a wife, mom, and a blogger. It’s designed to reassure you that I’m completely human and sometimes I’m a hot mess in my home life. I like to think I’ve got it all together and yet it seems every week I get a reminder that I don’t. Yeah, I’ve got issues. But that’s okay because I’m doing my best and I want my mishaps to be an encouragement to you that to be a successful blogger you don’t have to be perfect, you just have keep moving forward.

Management Plan

Drop me a line

At the bottom of every newsletter is the Let’s Connect section is a button to “Ask Me A Question.” If you have a question or a comment or want more information on something you have read, drop me a line. I love hearing how you are using the information I am curating. I’d love to hear about your successes. I also love networking. That’s what blogging is really all about isn’t it? Let’s do it together.

Follow me on social media

I share daily blog tips on Instagram. I host a community of bloggers on Facebook. I’ve curated an amazing library on Pinterest. Are you cashing in on these opportunities to learn and grow as a blogger? Come join the fun.

You can use all the blog tools in the world and still not be a success if you aren’t using them properly. The BIG Idea newsletter is a tool that can help you get where you want to go with your blog. It’s full of news, tips, videos, and articles that really work. Don’t keep spinning your wheels. Instead, sign up for the newsletter and then use it to boost your success. It’s designed for just that purpose and everything that goes into it has your success in mind.

This is your time to shine. Your voice matters and the world needs to hear your bright ideas.

Now download your own management plan and get started creating a successful blog.