Are you keeping your eyes out?

Are you watching and noticing what’s happening around you? You should be. These things, these everyday occurrences, are a gold mine of post ideas. Like jewels buried below the surface, they are just waiting for you to pick them out, develop them and then share them with your readers.

Don’t be blind to the treasures all around you. Watch, notice, and observe all the possibilities for post ideas that swirl around you in your everyday life. Learn to make your writing relatable but infused with your unique voice.

Great writers see post ideas all around them. They have learned how to mine precious treasure from the world they live in. Keep your eyes open. Don't miss the stories ideas that are right in front of you. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Practice being a good writer. Go through your day with your eyes open. Soon, your blog will be filled with stories you have mined from your life experiences, and those will resonate strongly with your readers.

So, how do you practice seeing the treasures around you for better blog post ideas?

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1. Take Notes

Don’t think that you can remember something you’ve seen or heard without writing it down. How many times have you done this and then gotten back to your computer and thought “I know I heard something great today, what was it?”

Keep a notepad with you. Use your phone.

My favorite way to keep track of post ideas is in Evernote. I have a running file called, you guessed it – Post Ideas. It’s so helpful to come back to these later and use them to spur me on.

2. Approach from a different angle

How many times have you watched an old-time movie where a miner has been digging for years in the same spot with no luck. Then there’s a trembler (it’s always something scary with lots of dust right?) and a whole vein opens up filled with gold or silver or diamonds, at a slightly different angle than the one he was digging at. It happens every time.

You can do the same thing with your ideas. Try to look at it from a slightly different angle. Think to yourself, how can I see this event differently? What new insight can you share.

Every story idea has a thousand different possibilities. Look for unique and different angles even in the most mundane of events.

Great writers see post ideas all around them. They have learned how to mine precious treasure from the world they live in. Keep your eyes open. Don't miss the stories ideas that are right in front of you. #EquippingBloggers

3. Take your time

I have a friend who is a miner. Yeah, a real miner. He and his dad go off for long weekends to secret spots in search of gold. The one thing I’ve learned from him is that this is not like running to the grocery store to pick up some pasta, any pasta. This is a long, careful process.

My friend has to go over each section of earth meticulously. If he doesn’t, he could miss something really valuable, right in front of his nose.

Do the same thing. Don’t just post the first idea that pops into your head. Walk around it for a while. See it from all sides and then be thoughtful in your writing.


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This will allow you to take a subject that everyone has written about and make it your own. Don’t avoid it because someone else has written about it. Instead, take your time and lend it your voice. Give your readers something fresh and beautiful.

I would also interject here this is why you need a blog planner. Get your ideas down, in a rough form, on your calendar and then take your time fleshing them out. You will be a much better blogger if you plan ahead. You should already know my vote for best planner, but if you don’t…it’s the Blog Planning Kit.

Your everyday life is filled with post ideas. There is a story in every interaction, every visual, and every conversation you have. Look for them. Then make them your own and share them with your readers.



photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc



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