How To Fall Back In Love With Your Blog ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Blog

Do you remember the shampoo commercial where a beautiful woman looked straight at the camera and said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful?”

Thank you for pointing out how much better you are than me right from the get-go. I so appreciate that.

For some of you that is how your blog feels. Like a small, insignificant piece of real estate on the interwebs overshadowed by bloggers with book deals and millions of comments and Facebook engagement that makes a One Direction concert look like a  total bust.


You may have even been tempted to throw in the towel, like, today.

Don’t do it.

Let me help you fall in love with your blog once again.

Let’s get that feeling back you had when you started and everything was new and exciting and the possibilities were limitless.

Let’s do it together.

Don't let the pressure of what others are doing interfere with your love of blogging. Each of us is unique and different. Our voices connect with different people but are each important. Learn how to fall back in love with your blog with these simple reminders. ★ Learn How to Blog ★

First, you’ve got to get off the comparison train.

I know you might be super comfortable in your seat and you’ve already given the conductor your ticket but it’s time to jump off.

I recently watched a video interview with a big-time blogger who has reached the pinnacle of success. She giddily stated that she never did anything to to promote her site, it just blew up and now she travels all over speaking and she writes books and she raises money for charity and yada yada yada.

I so wish I had those few minutes back. If only for the sake of being true to myself and my writing and my audience. For that brief span of time I was riding the comparison train and it was not a good trip.

Do you relate?

You started your blog because you want to share with others about a subject close to your heart, or your experiences, or your knowledge. That is a noble calling right there. Your voice matters, a lot. It’s important for you to keep sharing it. Don’t lose sight of what you’ve been called to do.

The truth is, only you can share your story. Only you can write your words. Do it proudly.

When you are riding the comparison train your focus shifts from those you serve with your writing to yourself. It becomes all about you.  No longer are you serving. Now you are striving and not in a good way.

Hop off the train and start writing for the people you originally set out to help and serve. When you do you’ll start to remember why you love blogging.

Second, stick to your own game plan.

I write about this regularly. Make sure your mission is clear. Who are you helping? Why are you helping them? What will they gain by reading your blog?

Your mission is completely unique to you. Yes, there are other bloggers out there who write similar content but not everyone relates to them. It’s the nuances of tone, of experiences, of style, that draw a reader in. What you have to offer might be exactly what someone else needs to read.


Delicious Blogging: The Ingredients You Need To Create A Better Blog ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★


This also means stay on course. You may write about difficult subjects that not everyone wants to face. That’s okay. Don’t try to go off and write about something else entirely because you think it will draw in more readers. Stick to your topics and write about them with everything you’ve got.

This doesn’t mean you can’t branch out, but it does mean you want to avoid going totally off topic. If you write about family and faith, don’t start writing posts about plumbing. Get it?

Finally, go at your own pace.

Every day I see new social media posts about a new tool for spreading the word about my posts. I see articles about all the things I am doing wrong. I watch videos that reiterate how behind the times I am because I don’t pay for this service or that app.

Listen, I have an uncle, named Q-Ball, who drives on the freeways of Los Angeles at 55 miles per hour. All. The. Time. He is absolutely the worst person to follow or have follow you because he drives at a snail’s pace.

Most drivers are going between 70-80 mph on the freeway and there’s Q-Ball just puttin’ along at 55. For as frustrating as this is let me point out two things.

1. My Uncle Q-Ball is still alive.

He hasn’t had an accident or a fender bender or even gotten a ticket in decades. He’s found his groove and he’s not afraid to go with it. He may not get there as fast as everyone else, but he gets there alive and in one piece.

(I should point out that he was pulled over once for going too slow and asked by the highway patrolman to exit the freeway if he couldn’t speed it up a little.)

2. He always gets to his destination.

Over the years we’ve all learned that if we have to go very far with Q-Ball driving then we need to leave earlier and allow extra time for getting to our destination. However, we always get there.

Usually, we’ve had a great time talking and laughing and enjoying the ride, so the extra time it takes is a blessing.

My point is, don’t let anyone rush you to some unknown blogging destination. It may seem like everyone else is getting there faster and it may feel like you are the slowest one on the information superhighway but you’re not.

You want to achieve your version of success alive and in one piece. You want to actually get there without crashing and burning along the way.

If you want to fall in love with your blog again don’t compare, stay on mission no matter what others are doing, and go at your own pace.

If you don’t love blogging right now I suspect that one of these areas is tamping down your passion. Take a good look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. Make some adjustments and even some hard choices if necessary.

Remember, your voice matters. Make sure you are using it to benefit others and find a way to love doing it.




Delicious Blogging: The Ingredients You Need To Create A Better Blog ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Comments (17)

  1. Reply Rita Joy

    Thank you for these great words of wisdom. Just what I needed to hear right now!:)

    1. Reply Debi @


      I’m so happy to hear this. You can definitely do it. Keep up the good work. By the way, I LOVE your new theme. It’s so clean and fresh. Nice job.

  2. Reply RefreshMom

    I need to bookmark this and read it once a week until I get my blog going again.

    My list of excuses…I need to transfer everything to a different URL (Namecheap sold mine out from under me with no warning and some guy in the UK is using it now.) And I need a re-design because my current one has bad juju connected with it. (Can you see that I’ve fallen out of love with it?!) But, I’ve been telling myself many of the same things about just starting again, sticking to my plan and doing what I do because it’s what I do. Maybe I need to give myself a re-launch deadline…

    1. Reply Debi @

      A deadline is a great way to get yourself in gear. I highly recommend it.

      Whatever it takes for you to feel like you are in the groove again I support. Find your happy place as a blogger and then run with it. You can do it. I believe in you.

      Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Reply Carmen Horne

    I keep getting on this train! I exit and then jump right back on. Sometimes it doesn’t get far from the station before I’m running to catch it. Thanks Debi. Great post!

    1. Reply Debi @

      Thanks Carmen. I know it’s hard sometimes, but we can support one another. You go girl!

  4. Reply Ahmad Imran

    Nice post Debi. I always remind myself, “there are no doors for exit in my blogging world”, stick with it, live in it and live well…

    1. Reply Debi @

      Good reminder Ahmad. I agree. There is no exit so keep going. Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. Reply Carmen Doerr

    From all the people I’ve read in the social media about blogging, you appear to be the most sincere! You always have a positive attitude and make me “think”. You are the reason I am considering falling in love with the idea of blogging, even though I don’t know too much about it. I feel lost some times, but am working on getting back on track!! Thank you so much for your uplifting words!!! They mean so much to me! Can’t wait for next Monday…

    1. Reply Debi @

      Thank you so much Carmen.

      I love blogging and I hope you will learn to love it too. It’s such a fun way to express yourself. Regardless of what you write about, it’s a wonderful outlet. You go girl. Keep learning and trying new things. You are sure to find satisfaction and success.

  6. Reply Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Great tips. The social media can become exhausting, and the linking up, it is so much fun, but it makes things crazy! I focused on coming up with a game plan, one I can work with. And I have to keep reminding myself that even a tortoise can win the race.

    1. Reply Debi @

      I’m with you Nikki! Slow and steady. Stick with your game plan for lasting success. You can do it!

      1. Reply Nikki Frank-Hamilton

        Thanks Debi! I am a work in progress.

  7. Reply Sarah Lango

    Thank you for sharing this! You said exactly what I needed to hear. It’s so easy to feel like my words or overlooked and insignificant but my goal is to serve others- not to make my name known, or puff myself up, wow! What a thought!

    1. Reply Debi @

      I’m so glad you could relate to this Sarah. Keep up the good work. You can do this!

  8. Reply Julie R

    When I started blogging, I had NO idea that so much was involved…social media, analytics, HTML codes, and on and on and on it goes! A year later, I still know barely a fraction of what is needed to maintain a successful blog. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Hopefully, slow and steady really does win the race…or at least keeps us in the race so that we can earn our own personal victories 🙂

    1. Reply Debi @

      You go Julie! There is a lot to learn, but you know what? There will always be a lot to learn. Keep moving forward and march to your own drum. You can do this!!

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