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A writing challenge is a great way to practice your skills, get into a regular writing routine, and it’s an excellent way to build community. Whatever your reasons are for participating in a writing challenge it’s good to be prepared.

In blogging circles 31-day writing challenges pop up continually. Some of the most popular challenges happen in the fall but there are challenges available all year through.

Some challenges are meant to encourage writers to write without planning, just to get ideas down on “paper.” Others are meant to be a series where bloggers can share about a particular topic over a 31-day period and then collect all the writings to make an ebook or course or launch a blog.

Many bloggers who participate in some of the more established challenges like to get some of their duck in a row before starting the series. This may include special link up buttons, some pre-written posts, Pinterest graphics, printables and much more. While not every writing series or challenge requires these things being prepared can mean the difference between success and failure over a 31-day period.

The fall writing challenges will be here before you know it. Join me and a tribe of other bloggers for a 5-week course designed to give you everything you need to succeed in a 31-day writing series. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Oh, who am I kidding?

In 2014 I decided to participate in the Write 31-Days challenge a full two days before it started. I scribbled some notes, threw together an outline, and for the next 31 days I wrote like a fiend. Some nights I barely got my post published before the midnight.

By about day 15 my husband came searching for me, worried I had shriveled up in my office and died. It had been days since he’d seen me. My kids ran away because you know stranger danger and all.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad but it was close. Some of you can probably relate. Others of you are now shaking in your shoes and feel too scared to even try writing a 31-day series.

Have no fear. The solution to your procrastination problems is here.

Instead of messing around and just thinking about what you want to write about for the next few weeks why not join a tribe of writers and get your posts written ahead of time?

Why not plan for the series and enjoy your October?

Why not cash in on all the new readers and email subscribers you can get by participating in a challenge like this?

Why not, indeed?

There is no need for you to scramble around this year. And there is no need for you to fail at this challenge in 2015. Instead, join me and a few of my closest blogging friends for my 31-Day Prep Course.

UPDATE: This is now a stand alone course. Find it here.

Over the next five weeks we will be choosing our topics, writing posts, making our link-up buttons, and creating templates for all the graphics we will be using. Best of all, we’ll be doing it in community and you are invited to join us.

The 31-Day Prep Course is perfect for anyone who wants to see their husband, kids, friends, and family during the month of October. It’s perfect for those who want to maximize their reach and start building their email list. It’s perfect for everyone who wants to grow their blog.

It’s perfect for you.

Sign up today and at the end of five weeks you can have the following:

  • A topic you love
  • Working titles for 31 posts
  • The basic outline for 31 posts
  • An email campaign designed and ready to go on MailChimp
  • A FREEBIE for new readers
  • Two buttons – one for the link up and one for your blog
  • Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook templates
  • A watermark for all of your graphics.
  • A Pinterest board on which to publish your daily posts.
  • An updated About Me page
  • An index page for linking your posts to
  • 15-30 posts ready to go

Doesn’t that just sound so productive?

It is and I can help make it happen. Sign up today for my 31-Day Prep Course and be a successful blogger who completes the full 31-Days writing challenge in 2015.

I’m so excited to walk through this process with you.

When you sign up you will get:

  • A workbook filled with doable weekly assignments
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can meet other bloggers, bounce ideas around, and find the encouragement you need to be a success
  • Access to weekly Hangouts where I will help you stay on track and answer your most pressing questions
  • Community
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Knowledge
  • A straight trajectory to success

This is totally possible AND you can afford it.

Whether you participate in the Write 31-Days challenge or NaNoWriMo or another challenge, you can be totally prepared with everything you need to be a success.

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