The act of using a watermark on your creations is part branding and part protection.

And you need to be using one.

It’s branding because it tells people where a graphic or picture originated from.

It’s protection because it keeps others from using your materials without giving you proper credit.

Both of these are important and both can be covered with a simple graphic you create to add to all your blog graphics and photos called a watermark. This mark will identify your creations as your own. They will help with promotion of your site, protection of your property, and ensure proper credit to your brand.

Keep your eyes open in this post because it’s jam packed with goodies that will make this process simple yet effective and that’s your goal. Simple but effective.

Using a watermark for your blog graphics will expand the reach of your brand, protect your property, and help promote your site. You need to include one on every photo and graphic you create. Learn how with this simple tutorial. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

If you are new to the blogging game, creating a watermark for your photos and blog graphics isn’t difficult. You can make one right now. So let’s get started.



Here’s a little cheat sheet for you to download and use as you create your own watermark:

 Create A Watermark w watermarkClick here to download the PDF

Now comes the most important part. You must include this new watermark on your photos and graphics.

As you create graphics and photos for your posts, include your new watermark, in whatever form works best for you.

If you need some inspiration for creating your own watermark, be sure to check out Pinterest. As you scroll through the feed notice the different shapes, colors, and forms different watermarks take. You can be uber creative or wonderfully simple. You can use color or you can use shading. You can use a logo, your name, or your URL. The options are limitless.

Some things to look for as you peruse Pinterest are:

  • How do different fonts look?
  • How well do extra words or embellishments show up?
  • Where do others place their marks?
  • What size do others make their marks?
  • What colors look best?
  • Which marks catch your eye?
  • Which marks lend to the photos and which ones take away?

Keep all of these things in mind as you create your own watermark. Make sure it represents you and your blog with class and style.


Remember that throwing your watermark on any old picture you find online is NOT acceptable. Putting your mark on someone else’s photo is a no-no. A big one.

Only use a watermark on your own pictures and graphics or on legitimately public domain materials. Know before you mark. Not adhering to the rules is not only slimy, it’s also criminal. Some photographers won’t care about your excuses and can and will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Not fun for a little blogger.

The best way to protect yourself is – Don’t do it.

If you are ready to start sharing your own creations with your audience be sure to add a watermark to what you make. Share your brand and protect yourself for best results. Most importantly, have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.