Hey! You made it inside the gates. Nice job.

Now it’s time to start building your very first list. Your list is your bread and butter. It is the foundation piece for all of the information, newsletters, RSS feeds, and emails you will be sending out to your readers. The quality of your list is the hinge that everything else hangs on.

Because it’s so important, you want to make sure you set up your list the right way. Today’s lesson won’t take long, but it’s critical for building a healthy list in MailChimp and for sending out your emails.

Let’s do this together, shall we? Get logged in to MailChimp and then we’ll get started.

1. Choose CREATE A LIST from the dashboard

Now that you are inside your account at MailChimp, you should see the main dashboard. It looks like this

Day 5 MC Dashboard

Here you have several options. You want to choose CREATE A LIST.


The menu bar at the top will lead you around the different sections on MailChimp. Anytime you want to get back to the dashboard just click the Chimp. 

2. Fill out the list building form

Now you are ready to build your first list. The information you need to provide is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory.

First, you will see this screen

Day 5 MC Create List

Go ahead and click on CREATE LIST

Then you’ll see this screen

Day 5 MC Create List TOP

As you can see I’ve already started filling mine out. Here’s what you want to add to this section

A. Create a name for your list

Remember, your subscribers will see this name so make sure it is appropriate and reflects who will be included in the list.

B. Choose the default email address

This is the email address you want your subscribers to see in the header of the email.

If you have a main email address but use a different address for you contact form on your blog, you might consider using that for your list as well. It need to be legit and reflect your site so your subscribers know where the email is coming from. Don’t get marked for SPAM right out of the box.

Your subscriber list in MailChimp is the foundation piece for everything you send. Set up your list the right way and you'll be on your way to growing your blog in no time. It's easy to create a new list in MailChimp ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

C. Select a FROM name for your emails

You can either use your name or the name of your blog. Your goal is to make it recognizable for your subscribers. Knowing where the email is from will help keep you out of the SPAM box and make your emails more likely to be opened.

D. Write a short sentence or two to remind readers why and how they are receiving your emails

This is a key piece of being in compliance with bulk email laws too.

I recommend a simple sentence such as, “You are receiving this email because you opted in to our list on our website.” Easy peasy.

Now you’ll see a section that looks like this

E. Confirm your mailing address

We talked about the importance of using a physical address in a previous post. This is critical. Remember, you can change this at any time, so even if you need to use one address to get started and then change it when you are ready to go live. Be sure to stay within the CAN-SPAM guidelines.

F. Notifications

There are plenty of things you need to keep track of in a day. Your email subscribes and unsubscribes should not be one of them. Check the DAILY SUMMARY box on this section and you will be sent a digest of sign ups each day they happen.

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Now just save your selections and you will be directed to your lists’ homepage. Each list you create will have it’s own page where you can now begin to create your forms, manage your subscribers, and see your stats.


Anytime you are in MailChimp, you can press the “S” key on your keyboard to get a search box. There are many such shortcuts with this app. They make it easy to use and simple to get help. Another reason I recommend MailChimp for building your email list.

There you have it. Another step in the process of getting you up and running on MailChimp. You have now built your first list in MailChimp.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments.


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