I’ve been contemplating blog buttons for the new year.

It all started with a new Pinterest board for a community. Many of the members said they had never made a button for their blog. So,  I sent out some articles on how to self-design a button.

I also told several people I didn’t think it was necessary to have a button in their sidebar. It seemed so passé to me. I wanted my community members to be hip and modern, not old and stodgy.

Then I changed my mind. Not on the old and stodgy part, but on the button part.

The more I thought about it the more I realized the value of having a blog button somewhere on your site.

Here’s why. (Hint: It’s all about Pinterest)

1. Pinterest makes blog buttons relevant

Recently, I was over on Pinterest looking for a recipe for dairy free caramel sauce. I found one on a great site that I’ve visited before, but had forgotten about. The mini light bulb (and I mean tiny) went off in my head and I thought, “Hey, I should pin this blogger’s button so I can remember to come back here to find more great recipes.”

It was then that I discovered she had no button. On top of that, when I used my pin-it extension to pin something from her site that would link back to her site, none of her graphics were about her. They were either from the post (which I had already pinned on my recipe board) or were for the advertisers in her sidebar. Not helpful.

Blog buttons still matter. Pinterest makes them imperative. Cash in on the value of a blog button this year. Make one that catch the eye of a reader so they will spread the word about your blog. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

2. Blog buttons drive traffic to your blog

Let’s say you write about kids with special needs. Let’s say I have a special needs kid and I want to keep up with your content AND be able to share it quickly with others, I would create a Pinterest board for that. I would pin your button because you are an authority on kids with special needs. I would use it to direct others to you as well.

Button for my board = traffic for you.


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3. Buttons help to motivate you to be better

I write about blogging. If I want to keep up with other bloggers who also write about blogging, I will create a board where I can place all of their buttons. Then I can check in to see what they are writing about. I don’t want a particular article, I want their homepage so I can see their latest content.

You can do this too.

Checking in with the competition isn’t bad. It can be a great motivator. It reminds you to keep using your voice and sometimes it even gives you ideas for posts – like why you think another writer is right or wrong on a topic.

4. Blog buttons encourage sharing

When I create Pinterest boards populated with the buttons of other bloggers it gets their content into the hands of my readers and followers. It also gives me content to share with my community uniquely different from my own. Remember, sharing is good.

I share you. You share me. We all win.

Buttons = Traffic

Ding. Ding. Ding.

No one really uses blog rolls anymore and the cool code that some have under their buttons is a bit bulky and unsightly. For-go the code and to simply add your beautiful button to your sidebar. Everyone has pin-it capabilities now so the code us unnecessary.

Of course, you could pin a blog’s header, but have you seen how those look on Pinterest? Not that great. A button is much more symmetrical and professional looking.

If you don’t have a button, go make one. My recommendations are to use PicMonkey and/or Canva for best results.

If you do have one, make sure it’s in your sidebar for others to pin. Pinterest makes blog buttons imperative. Unlock the value of a button on your site this year.

BONUS TIP: If you have a Pinterest business account, add your button as a Pin Widget straight to your sidebar. Now that’s pretty!



 photo credit: Steve Snodgrass via photopin cc



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