4 Brilliant Action Steps To Help You See Awesome Blog Growth

Welcome to a brand new week! Are you excited to accomplish your goals? I’m excited for you. Whether you are squeezing the last vestiges of summer out of the next few days or are already in back-to-school mode as long as you’ve got your goals written down you can go after them with gusto and succeed.

This week’s brilliant action steps will keep you motivated and focused on what you need to do to achieve blog success.

Are you new to my weekly action step articles? You can start right now with the simple tasks below then take a look at what you’ve missed. All of the posts will help you become a better blogger so jump on board.

Blogging takes consistency and an attention to detail. These 4 brilliant action steps will help you see success. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Here’s how this all works. At the end of each week I do a live video on Facebook LIVE in my Facebook group BIG Idea Bloggers. I answer questions members have about blogging and give suggestions that small bloggers can easily implement.

If you want to see last week’s video and get even more explanation you can join my group and replay it.

The last time we got together I talked about SEO, Pinterest best practices, and how to arrange your boards on Pinterest, plus I have one more action step to take this week. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Ok, let’s get started.

Make SEO a priority

SEO is an important part of your small blog success. You want maximum eyes on your posts and you want to be seen in search even though you are small. Be sure to use keywords and aim for a conversational style when using them. Don’t be spammy or abrupt in your usage.

There are a lot of resources out there for learning about SEO and how to integrate it into your blog posts. I recommend this Pinterest board for a collection of great posts to jump start your SEO journey.

Pinterest best practices

Pinning your blog posts to Pinterest is a key element for small bloggers. Make sure you are using best practices.

  1. Use the right size. For non-recipe posts I recommend 600×1025
  2. Use clear photos and fonts. Limit your scripty fonts. Make it readable.
  3. Use your keywords in your title and your description in the alt text.
  4. Watermark your own work.
  5. Share to your own blog board and to group boards

These simple but effective steps will help you get a leg up on Pinterest and give you the opportunity to build momentum as you move forward.

How to arrange your Pinterest boards

There are three schools of thought when it comes to arranging boards and pinning goodies on Pinterest.

1. Pin only content in your niche. If you are super niche-specific this is a good rule of thumb because you can be come a resource for people searching for info about your topic. I do this with my DebiStangeland.com boards. They are all about blogging, social media, writing, and branding. You won’t find any recipes there.

However, I also have an account for another blog I run that is more lifestyle oriented and there you will find recipes and holiday pins, clothing, and whatever tickles my fancy.

2. So, that’s the second school of thought. If your blog is more along the lifestyle vein you should pin lots of different things, including things you like and posts you want to read and keep. This will tell your readers a lot about you and you’ll still be a good resource.

Most people these days follow boards not necessarily people. Therefore, the more boards you have the more you are able to peak someone’s interest.

3. The third school of thought is to pin publicly for your niche and then keep secret boards for the stuff you like and are interested in. Today, you can have as many secret boards as you want on Pinterest so why not create a place to keep your own interests and serve your readers with more specific pins with your public boards.

However you decide to arrange your boards is fine and there is no set way to do it. Just make sure it makes sense for your blog. If you blog about cats, the care of cats and how to choose the right cat it probably won’t make sense for you to have a bunch of travel boards. Just be smart and remember your boards are about your audience. Serve them well.

Get more done with a written plan

If you’ve been struggling to get stuff done on your blog, make sure you have a written plan. I use a blank calendar each week to keep me on track. Not only does it keep me focused, it also keeps me from trying to accomplish too much in any given day. Yes, I can sit at my computer for hours and go down rabbit trail after rabbit trail thus, accomplishing nothing.

I know you are nothing like me, right?

Taking time to organize your thoughts and goals for the week is a great way to stay motivated and move forward. Find what works for you and then write it down. If you like lists, use a list. If you like a calendar, use that. Whatever you do just make sure what’s in your head gets onto the paper.

You’ll be glad you’ve taken the time to write it down when life gets busy and your “plan” for the day implodes. You can totally do this.

Brilliant Action Steps

There you have it, brilliant action steps you can implement right now on your blog. The work is hard but when done consistently you will see the rewards. Do your best and be proactive in all you do.

If you want to learn more about any of these steps come join the FB group and watch the video. There is a lot more to learn by watching as I also answer bloggers’ questions and we dialogue off the cuff.

Here’s a free printable to help you stay on task this week.


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