All Your Blog Success Hinges On This ONE Thing

Are you rocketing to success or just spinning your wheels?

It’s not how many comments you get.

It’s not your likes, tweets, shares, or pins.

It has nothing to do with analytics.

Do you know what your success hinges on?

It’s email subscribers.

If you want to find success as a blogger you have to build your email list.

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Let me be very clear here. This is not your RSS subscribers through Feedburner. No, I’m talking about email addresses that you collect through a sign-up process using a list service.

If you aren’t collecting emails, you are spinning your wheels and relying solely on the whim of those who visit your blog. You have to wait for readers to come to you. You’re only hope is that people show up after you have written something. Add to that, the hope that they find and actually read what your wrote.

That’s a huge gamble to take for all the effort you’ve already put into this blogging thing. 

The secret sauce recipe. Shhhhhh!

Posting on Google+ requires a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’.

It’s not a secret really, but if you do it right, sharing on G+ is like adding the secret sauce to your blog recipe and that… is a very good thing.

You can’t post to G+ like you do on Facebook. I know you’ve tried to find the magic recipe on that platform and it’s a mystery, probably even to Mr. Zuckerberg himself. But on Google+ there is a method to the madness.

Believe it or not, it’s not that difficult.

If you are just discovering this 31 day series please head on over to the front page to find a list of all the topics that have been covered.

Now, back to the secret sauce recipe.

Get Out Of The Rat Race And Run With The Bulls

Have you ever thought you were just saying the same things to the same people over and over again?

This happens to every blogger. Honestly, it does. You write and you share and you feel like you are going in circles.

You can get out of a rut in different ways. One of the best I’ve found is to try new things.

Google Plus is definitely a way to get out of a rut.

When I started using G+ people were saying it was dead on arrival and admittedly it was very different that what I was used to. But I stuck with it and today it is one of my favorite places to go to expand my audience and find fresh content, ideas, and conversations.

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If you have ever tried G+ you would probably agree that it’s different. The people are different there. The posts are different. The structure is too, and what’s up with circles?

Hashtag AWESOME!

If you are going to use Instagram, you have to use do it right.

Author’s note: I’m feeling sassy today. That is all.

Hashtags came into vogue with Twitter. Other social media platforms started picking up on them soon after. Instagram turned them into a science.

Seriously, you can’t be on Instagram and not use hashtags. It just doesn’t work. Ok, it will, but you’ll have like 12 followers, half of whom you will be related to. Oooo, that sounds fun.


According to Wikipedia, which is so much lighter than Encyclopedia Brittanica, a hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character [#].


Basically, hashtags “tag” your photos or tweets with words or phrases so that people can search for them. When you type phrases, you don’t spacebetweenthewords. Getit?

To really get the most out of Instagram you need to get hashtag awesome. But first, did you know…

Community Starts With You, And Instagram

Blogging is more than just writing.

Successful blogs not only showcase your thoughts and ideas, they are a connecting point between you and  your readers. You share great content and your audience gets to know you, your likes and dislikes, your struggles and your successes, your good side and, if you’re being honest, your bad side. It’s all a part of the process of building a blog you love.

If you are famous, and you very well may be, then you have a pre-made community just waiting to read your blog. Show of hands here? Yeah, me neither.

If, however, you have no claim to fame then you have your work cut out for you.

How do you get people to connect with you, beyond just reading your words? How do you share your life with them beyond the electronic page?

I’ll tell you how, community. Yes, you guessed it, community starts with you. Oh, and Instagram.

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You have to build your readership from the ground up. We all do. Your writing and your social media shares are great ways to showcase your blog.

Instagram is a great way to showcase you.