Find Your Tribe With Group Boards On Pinterest

Are you looking for some love on Pinterest?

The key to getting your pins seen on Pinterest is to make sure they CAN be seen. Pinterest has made this incredibly easy with group boards.

Also known as collaborative boards, but who can say that, group boards allow multiple pinners to share their content with each other and all of their collective followers.

If you join my group board, then your followers will see your pin, and so will my followers and so will the followers of all the other members on the board. Could it get any better than this?

It can.

Group boards are a great way to find your tribe. Bloggers and pinners who like the same things you do are the core of your tribe. You can find them when you start creating and using group boards on Pinterest.

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So, how do you find and join group boards so you can start sharing your pins with the world?

Create A One-Stop Shop On Pinterest

Does your Pinterest profile have a purpose?

It should.

You probably came to Pinterest because it was the thing to do and you really didn’t understand it, but you wanted to be hip and cool.

So you joined and started pinning the hip and cool stuff you saw. Now you’ve got all these boards and topics and a couple for your blog, maybe, and it’s just a jumble.

It’s time to stop playing on Pinterest and start using it to grow your reach.

The pinners who use Pinterest as a tool, not a play toy, have learned to maximize their time and efforts on this platform and offer their followers something of value.

You can too.

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Now back to Pinterest. This is where your mission statement really matters.

The Chocolate Chips In A Great Blog Recipe

Pinterest is here to stay. Make the most of it.

You are a blogger. You want people to visit your site, read your content, and share it with the world. Makes total sense.

But what if you could make your blog better?

Well, duh, that’s why you’re here right?

Sometimes it takes real effort to get your blog recipe right. There’s mixing and measuring and sifting and rising. It’s time-consuming and challenging.

But sometimes, all you need to do is add the chocolate chips. Easiest part of a recipe right? Just dump them in.

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Now, about those chocolate chips. 

Be PINcredible

Pinterest is like getting a new magazine in the mail, every day!

If you are a pinner then you know how true this is.

I recommend Pinterest to all newbie bloggers because it is such an easy platform to master.

Pins of what you like +

Pins from your blog +

Pins from other people +

Pins to group boards =


Even if you aren’t a newbie your goal is to make sure you use Pinterest to it’s fullest. It’s an amazing traffic driver, but you want to have all your ducks in a row. It can make a huge difference and it only takes a few steps. You can get rolling pretty fast with Pinterest.

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If you are continuing on with me, let’s dive in.

6 Reasons Your Facebook Page Is Lame, And How To Fix It

You don’t want to be lame, do you?

Facebook makes it hard enough to get your posts seen. Now you find out your page is sub-par. What’s a blogger to do?

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