Consistent Branding: 4 Keys To Unlocking Blog Growth

One of the easiest ways to take your blog to the next level is to create a consistent brand presence across your social media platforms.

With consistency, your readers and followers begin to identify you with your brand. Your branding method may be a logo, a hashtag, a color scheme or a picture. Whatever you decide, make it consistent so that your audience can begin to connect with you across the web.

Google+ Circles: Make Them Work For You

When I started using G+ about a year or so ago, I didn’t get it.

I had more than a few questions, like – why do I want another social media platform? What am I supposed to do with these circle thingies? How do I meet people? I don’t know anyone over here. I feel like the new girl on the first day of school.

You’re asking those too? Look at that. You are totally normal.

A Watched Pot Never Boils, 3 Tips To Help You Move Beyond Analytics

Everyone knows that a pot never boils when you watch it.

Just like your blog won’t grow while you watch its analytics. Oh, but this is so much easier said than done, isn’t it?

When I started blogging I knew nothing about analytics or hits or page views. When I found out about these things I became a fanatic. I was always checking and rechecking my stats. It was really cool to be able to see that 4 people had visited my site, in a month. Wow!

The Importance Of Building Relationships

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the relationships, I would have quit blogging a long time ago. 

Writing at all hours, the sharing on social media, and looking for new ways to make content fresh, it’s all worth the effort because of the relationships that have blossomed around the blog.

It doesn’t really matter how long you have been blogging. Your main goal, after writing your thoughts and ideas, should be building lasting relationships with your readers. Without them your blog is just taking up space.

How Are You Seeing Your Success

Point of view makes all the difference between success and failure.

Those who are most successful, at some point in their journey, have looked defeat, failure, challenges and insurmountable odds in the face and been able to see past them.

It’s not about ignoring what’s in front of you. It’s about seeing that thing, acknowledging that it exists, and looking beyond it’s current form. It’s about dreaming. It’s about looking for new ways of doing things. It’s about hope.