6 Reasons Your Facebook Page Is Lame, And How To Fix It

You don’t want to be lame, do you?

Facebook makes it hard enough to get your posts seen. Now you find out your page is sub-par. What’s a blogger to do?

Well, I’ll tell you.There are a 6 things that make you a total nerd when it comes to posting on your page.

Stop doing it all wrong and make just a few small changes that will take you from a dud to a diva on your Facebook page.

Treasure Hunts Are For Pirates, Not Your Fans

Your readers are not interested in digging for info on your Facebook page.

So you need to make it easy for them to find some of your best treasures. And it’s very easy, seriously.

For my part, I’m going to help make it even easier for you.

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Ok, so when you decide to create a Facebook page for your blog, which I think you should, especially if your audience is on that platform, then you need to add some tabs.

Facebook tabs allow visitors to connect with you on other platforms, enter your giveaways, and even sign up for your email list.

You may want to add more than we talk about here, but these will get you started and make your page really shine.

3 Reasons To Love Facebook

Can anyone really LOVE Facebook?

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? But yes, in spite of all its quirks and foibles, there are reasons to love Facebook.

You don’t love it because it’s a wonky social media site that hides your posts and wants your money. You love it because somehow, someway, Facebook has created a brand new approach to community and that will always trump how many people can see your posts.

I contemplate Facebook a lot. I wonder why they keep changing things. With them, I have the strongest love / hate relationship of anything in my life. Seriously, what will they change next? But I’ve found it’s also a place of great opportunity.

Learn To Soar With The Eagles On Twitter

If Twitter drives traffic to your blog, you need to master it.

Choosing the right social media for your blog is an important ingredient in your recipe for success. If you look at your analytics and discover that Twitter is one of your top 2 traffic sources, then that’s where you need to be.

We’re on day 17 of the 31 Days To A Better Blog series. If you missed any of the days you can find them all listed on the front page. Welcome!

Mastery, of anything, doesn’t happen overnight. But with the right tools and know-how you can start practicing and before long you will be an expert, gliding along and finding success.

Every social media platform is different and Twitter is no exception. It is it’s own unique microcosm that is best described as a track meet.

There is always something going on and it moves very, very quickly. Of the Big 5 platforms, Twitter is the fastest. For that reason you need to learn to pace yourself if you are going to use it effectively. You should also remember that you can’t see everything, just like you can’t watch every event at a meet. Narrow down your focus and you will take much of the stress out of it.

Taming The Social Media Beast

Social media works best when it’s working for you.

Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are notorious for stealing your stuff. Things like time, confidence, and contentment. But that doesn’t make them evil. It just means you aren’t using them properly.

Other pursuits in life can be charged with the same crimes.

Maybe you workout too much (ok, probably not), but the girl next to you on the elliptical with the perfect everything? Maybe you spend too much money on clothes with the hopes of finding fulfillment. Maybe you’ve done every single bible study published in the past 5 years, twice.

We’ve all got something that can easily get out of control if we don’t rein it in. Yes, even bible studies.

Social media is no different. It’s just so easy to scroll and scroll and scroll. One click leads to another and another until you realize and hour or two or three has just disappeared.

So how do you tame the social media beast?