Give Your Followers The Gift Of Pinterest Board Covers

We all love Pinterest.

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Finding a delicious recipe or interesting DIY project is always exciting when you visit this fast-growing, powerful social media platform. But, as a blogger you need to be using Pinterest a little differently than say, your mom, or your girlfriends. You need to have a strategy.

My favorite strategy for drawing in new followers is to create Pinterest board covers. It’s a generous gift you can give your readers to make their visit to your page inviting and easy. Those two elements will lead them to click the follow button, therefore, growing your audience.

In the past users would follow other users by following all of their boards and all of their pins. As Pinterest has grown this has changed.

Most users have numerous boards covering numerous subjects. It is now more common for users to follow individual boards than to follow other users hook, line, and sinker.

So, how do you implement this method in your Pinterest strategy?

Maximize Your Reach With A Social Media Mission Statement

Do you know why you post, follow, pin, and tweet?

My kid came home from a birthday party recently with splat slime. It was in his favor bag and all the way home he was hurling it at the car window watching it splat against the glass. At home he used our sliding door and learned the farther he was away, the harder he could throw and the flatter the slime would land on the window.

Splat slime is a lot like the social media strategies of most bloggers. You hurl yourself at Facebook, or Pinterest, or Instagram, hoping to cast a wide net, only to stick for a moment then fall to the floor. Where all the dog hair is, I might add. Gross.

At first this method works pretty well because you don’t have that many followers. Lots of energy in one place works. But only for a while.

Soon, you find you are just hitting the window and then falling to the floor. Not a good strategy. Not a good use of your time.

What can you do to be more efficient, so you don’t have to use the splat slime method?

Say It Like A Boss: 5 Tips For Leaving Blog Comments

Commenting on a blog is the first step in relationship building.

Good writers put a lot of effort into writing blog posts that attract attention and encourage comments. When you find a post you enjoy, the best way to build a relationship with the writer is to leave a comment.

Unfortunately, social media hasn’t done bloggers any favors when it comes to leaving meaningful, interactive comments. Readers are so used to the click-and-go method, they often fail to leave good blog comments, if they leave them at all.

But that doesn’t have to be how you operate. You can choose to leave high quality comments and use each opportunity to build relationships with the bloggers you love.

So how do you say what you want to say, like a boss?

Oh My Snickerdoodle, You DID It!

I want to jump up and down for you.

You did it. Your finished the challenge to spend 31 days on your blog to make it better than it was before. You are awesome!

I am so proud of you. I’m excited too. I can’t wait to see how these small changes will improve your traffic and grow your blog.

Hopefully you are exited too. You can see now that small tweaks and changes can take your blog from good to great. Now you know the key ingredients to a delicious blog recipe.

If you are wondering where the first 30 days are, please visit the front page for the ingredient list for a delicious blog.

It’s like holding the world’s greatest snickerdoodle recipe in the palm of your hand. Can you just taste those hot delicious cookies covered in cinnamon sugar? Just thinking about it makes you get all giddy.

That’s what a great blog recipe does. You can see the awesomeness that is your blog and just thinking about it creates a buzz of excitement from your head to your toes.

Know that you have the recipe, what do you do?

Blogging Lessons From Costco: The Art Of The Freebie

You have done so well putting all the key ingredients together.

Now you are ready to share your new and improved blog with everyone who visits to your site.

There is just one more thing you need to do. Give away some of your delicious recipe.

It’s hard to find someone in the first world who hasn’t taken the family on a “shopping trip” to Costco during the dinner hour.

“Load up kids. Mama’s not cookin’ tonight!”

Who can say no to pizza bites, smoothies, chips and dip, and trail mix? Three or four laps and you’ve got yourself a meal!

We can all take blogging lessons from Costco. They have perfected the art of the freebie. Give away something delicious and free, and watch customers load up their carts.

The lesson here for you is give away some of your delicious recipe and watch your readers load up their emails right to your list.

If this is your first visit, please check out the front page to see all the topics that have been discussed in this 31 Days To A Better Blog series.

On day 29 I told you how important it is to build your email list. You need a way to control the flow of information from your blog to loyal readers. Getting them to sign up for your list is an ideal way to do that.

I also mentioned that you need to give something away.