Awesome Action Steps You Need To Take On Your Blog

Welcome to a new week people. I’ve had a heck of a last few days trying to stay online. There’s nothing like being told your internet company needs to come look at your set up and they’ll be right out……in six days. Whaaaaaat? How am I supposed to share my awesome action steps with you if I can’t even get online?

I suppose this is the life of an online entrepreneur. Oy!

There are some big changes afoot over at Pinterest and after a week of being able to see these changes I’ve got some recommendations for using them to your advantage. I’ve also got some advice about buying programs or courses to help you improve your blogging.

So, C’mon, let’s start the week strong and get to work on these awesome action steps. If you put them into practice they will help you stay on top of your blogging game.

For those of you who are just discovering my action step posts feel free to jump right in. You can start with the easy projects in this post or check out any of the other weekly action step articles on my site. All of them will help you become a better blogger so giddy up.

Small bloggers need to adapt to new changes. With these 4 awesome action steps you can make changes quickly and move forward toward blog success. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

Here’s how this all works. At the end of each week I go live on Facebook LIVE in my Facebook group BIG Idea Bloggers. I answer questions members have about blogging and give suggestions that small bloggers can easily implement.

If you want to see last week’s video and get even more explanation you can join my group and replay it.

The last time we got together I talked about these important changes on social media and gave this advice about spending your hard-earned dollars.

Delete pins judiciously

As a small blogger your time is valuable. There are conflicting schools of thought on the idea of deleting pins. However, most of those in favor of deleting are managing huge Pinterest accounts. They have tens of thousands of followers. For small bloggers deleting pins will only consume valuable time you could be writing or interacting with your readers.

Therefore, delete pins judiciously. Don’t spend large amounts of time fiddling with your boards. If you have a few pins that are out of date or excessively old you might want to delete them. But, if they are deep inside a board and you have many more quality pins above them don’t bother. Just keep doing what you are doing and move along.

Change your Pinterest title for better reach

The layout for followers has changed on Pinterest. This means you see huge photos of people and I talked about how important it is to have a good photo of yourself or your brand. The other part of this equation is to make sure your title looks good on Pinterest so you can draw in new followers easily.

Here’s a snapshot of the new layout for followers. You can see the font is bigger and a title with too many words falls off the side. Therefore, it’s super important for you to let potential followers know what you do right away. Your name is secondary.

The followers below show pinners who would be best served to switch their blog name or tagline with their name. If they were reversed you’d have a much better idea about what they pin about and what their focus is on Pinterest. Names don’t matter – brands and taglines do.

Awesome action steps Pinterest to change

This shot shows pinners who are doing it right. They have put their brand first so you can see their focus and you’ll be more apt to follow them.

Awesome action steps Pinterest right

Do this for yourself too. Put your blog name or tagline first and your name second. To change your name click the “nut” at the top of your profile.

Awesome action steps Pinterest title

Next click on PROFILE

Awesome action steps Pinterest profile

Finally, change your business name so your name or tagline comes first followed by your name.

Awesome action steps Pinterest business name

This will make your profile show up much cleaner and nicer on Pinterest and encourage more follows than merely your name.

Change your pin size for improved repins

Last week I told you how I was going to change my pin size from what I’ve always used to a new elongated size. I am happy to report the change has been a success.

The new size I am using is 600×1025. It makes for a cleaner looking pin that is less squat and shows up better in the smart feed.

I am also using bright colors and bold fonts with little or no script writing. Try it and see what you think.

Make a plan for when to spend money on programs and courses

We all get the emails about a program or course that is deeply discounted or going to see a price increase if we don’t act RIGHT NOW!

Listen, you need a strategy when it comes to programs and courses. Here are my three recommendations for creating your own plan.

1. Never buy something you can’t afford.If you want to save up or stash away your money so you’ll be ready when a course goes on sale or a particular mentor you look up to has a program for sale – go for it.

 Budget for what you want and invest your hard-earned dollars wisely. It’s the right thing to do.

2. Don’t buy something because you have FOMO (Fear of missing out.) There are all kinds of people out there who will tell you it’s your last chance to get their program or they will never offer this course again. Don’t believe it. If it’s a success they’ll offer it again. If it’s a really big success they’ll offer a deal on it at some point.

Don’t get sucked into believing this is your last chance. There will be more.

3. Make sure you can commit to whatever it is you are signing up for. If you are being asked to make a commitment to a group of people or to conference calls or a video hangout make sure you are ready to be all in. If not you’ll just waste your money and you’ll do a disservice to the others in the group who are committed to the program.

As a small blogger now is the time to make a plan for your time and resources. When it comes to programs and courses invest wisely so you can get the most out of your investment.

Simple Action Steps

There you have it. Awesome action steps you can implement right now to see tangible results. Your job as a blogger is to do the work. Be ready to accept change, learn what needs to be done, and then go do it. Positive results will follow.

If you want to learn more about any of these steps come join the FB group and watch the video. There is a lot more to learn by watching as I also answer bloggers’ questions and we dialogue off the cuff.

Here’s a free printable to help you stay on task this week.


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