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When I was a kid the resident tech pioneer in our family was my Auntie Bar.

She was an early adopter of things like the microwave, the VCR, Apple computers, and cable TV. Every Christmas we were guaranteed to find some new gadget or train set at her house.

My brother and I never worried about getting clothes or practical gifts from her on our birthdays. She sent money, See’s candy, and electronics. She was religious about buying a yearly pass to Disneyland and regularly left school, after a day of teaching high school math, to ride the roller coasters before dinner.

I am an early adopter too. I realize now I come by my love of all things new and exciting in the tech world quite naturally. I’m carrying on an important family tradition, right?

Recently, when several new innovations were unveiled in the area of streaming video I got all jittery with excitement. I couldn’t wait to try out Meerkat and Periscope. I read up on how to use them and waited for them both to be added to the Google Play Store.

I was disappointed. Meerkat worked fine on my phone, but required live viewing because it doesn’t save your sessions anywhere. That doesn’t work so well for my target audience. We’re busy moms. Who’s got time to be at a certain place at a certain time?

Periscope broke my phone. I never could get it to work right and it continues to be glitchy for thousands of users.

Live streaming video is here to stay. One of the best platforms for bloggers is Blab. It's social, interactive, works like a dream, and has tons of potential for anyone who runs a blog. What are you going to Blab about? Learn how to get started today. ★ Learn HOW To Blog ★

My other problem with these platforms stemmed from the idea that they are self-centered. Meaning, they are just one person talking to the screen hoping others are watching and like what you have to say. Meh. I could take it or leave it.

As disappointed as I was with Periscope not working on my phone I also had a nagging feeling something better was going to come along. At the rate technology changes these days I knew that something was coming very soon.

I was right.

Enter the newest star into the streaming video spotlight,

I discovered Blab through an online friend and was immediately hooked. On my first day I participated in several Blabs and since that day my brain has been swimming with new ideas of how to use Blab as a blogger, writer, and teacher.

What is Blab? is a web-based video platform that allows up to four people to live stream conversations at the same time. People can jump in and out of the “open seats” and those not in the seats can still comment and ask questions in a scrolling sidebar chat section.

What makes a Blab so unique is the ability to interact with others in real time. It’s much more stable and clear than a Google Hangout and it allows for face-to-face interactions. It really embodies what social media was meant to be.

Why should you Blab?

It seems like every day some new social media platform bursts onto the scene. Some are awesome, like Pinterest. Some never quite get off the ground, like Tsu. I actually had to Google that one because I couldn’t remember the name.

But no matter what you think about the daily delivery of new social stars the fact remains that live streaming is here to stay. People love to get together to chat, exchange ideas, and relate. Video streaming allows that to happen in real-time.

If you are a blogger who wants to build your audience, teach others, share ideas, or minister you should Blab.

You should also Blab because it will make you available to your readers and followers in an authentic and real way. You can build real relationships and share and learn at the same time. It’s a win-win.

How can you use Blab to enhance your blog

I will always be a blogger. I love all the components of writing posts, sharing on social media, and interacting with readers. But I also love meeting people and helping them reach their goals, especially in the area of blogging. Sometimes it’s much easier to do visually, so I use YouTube to make tutorials. But what if I want to interact with my audience? What if I want feedback or to answer specific questions for specific situation?

I can now Blab.

I will be using Blab to help others learn how to blog. From bouncing around ideas, to learning new tips and tricks, Blab rocks because I can record my Blabs and embed them directly into a blog post.

You can too.

Think about making a DIY craft live and then embedding it in a blog post for your readers.

What about leading a Saturday morning Bible study that others can watch later?

How about getting two more of your favorite bloggers together and then inviting an audience member in to be on the “hot seat?”

There are so many possibilities to use Blab to interact, teach, build relationships, and have fun. Just talk about what you love and others are sure to find you and start talking back. It’s that simple.

Learn how to Blab

Getting set up on Blab couldn’t be easier. All you need is to go to and sign up for free using your Twitter account. Then, you can go to one of three categories (Tech, Business, General) to see what’s on-air and what’s scheduled to be on-air in the near future.

You can schedule or start your own Blab up to a month in advance. Just think, you can have your own show AND embed it on your blog.

ROCK on!

Finally, if you just want to lurk you can go to any on-air Blab and start participating in the sidebar chat. When you feel comfortable, and if the host opens up a chair, jump in. It’s tons of fun!

What does Blab look like?

Here is a short video I made to show you what Blab looks like and give you some ideas on how to use it. I hope to see you there.



So, are you going to try it? How can you use Blab with your blog? This is exciting. See you there.



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  1. Reply Sarah Shoesmith

    Hi Debi – I’ve hopped over from the Over 40s. What an interesting post. How long do these blab sessions tend to go on for?

    1. Reply Debi @

      Welcome Sarah!

      Blabs can be however long you want them to be. I’d say they are usually an hour, but I’ve heard of new blabbers being on for up to 3 hours while people are learning about it and getting into interesting conversations.

      It’s got tons of potential.

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy Blogging!

  2. Reply Trish Jones

    Great article, Debi. I found you by typing in “what to blab about?” Thanks for the tips. This is one platform I’ve not familiarised myself with yet. 🙂

    1. Reply Debi @

      Hi Trish:

      I’m so glad you found this post. Blab is amazing and I have yet to hear from anyone who has tried it say they didn’t like it. It has so much potential. I’ll look for you over there. Happy Blabbing!!

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