Who doesn’t love a great life hack?

Our Pinterest feeds are filled with simple solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had. A paper towel holder for garbage bags. Recycling a ketchup bottle for pancake mix. Using lego guys to hold your phone cord so it doesn’t slip behind the desk. I mean seriously, who knew?

Some of the best hacks in the world have saved the planet. Like doctors washing their hands before surgery. Or boiling water before drinking it.

So why can’t we figure out social media. It’s like the world’s greatest brain teaser. It’s crazy hard.

Or is it?

When I started blogging many moons ago social media was simple. It was 3 steps:

  • Share a blog post.
  • Friends see it in their feed.
  • Friends comment.

Could it have been any easier?

But then universe was tipped upside down and shaken up like a Christmas snow globe.

Today, the three simple steps have turned into a mysterious formula only a few select people in the universe possess. You and I aren’t one of them.

Until now.

For me, social media was truly a conundrum until I began to read between the lines. The select few who held the secret formula were talking, singing like canaries if truth be told, but while they thought they were making perfect sense, it felt like they were spinning me around like a blindfolded kid at a birthday party and yelling at me from another room.

As I spun around I could hear snippets of the secret but I could never get a whole sentence.

That’s when I decided to sit out the fun and games for a while and concentrate on listening. Sitting quietly I began to hear more than snippets. I heard explanations, recommendations, and instructions.

At first, it was piecemeal. A suggestion here. A description there. I collected them like trading cards and stored them in my proverbial treasure box.

Every once in a while I’d pull them out. I took all the pieces I had amassed and began to fit them together. Soon, I began to see patterns and pathways.

I didn’t know what I was making. It was a bit like putting a puzzle together without the box cover. But a picture did emerge and it was amazing.

Social media doesn't have to be a mystery. By adhering to the 3 core principles of scheduling, consistency, and tracking you can take control of your shares and your blog growth. The ULTIMATE Social Media Scheduling Kit will help you create your own social media breakthrough. #EquippingBloggers

As I honed my listening skills I picked up some key pieces of the puzzle and when I fit them all together it was a major breakthrough.

I think it must be what the great inventors felt after multiple failed attempts and then finally getting an invention to work.

I figured out the secret formula. And it worked.

After considerable testing I discovered a remarkable social media breakthrough. It cracked open the social media nut for me and it will for you too.

You can use it to be as effective as I have been when you focus on three core principles. scheduling, consistency, and tracking.

1. Scheduling

Social media doesn’t work if you don’t schedule it.

Attempts to do it on the fly are about as effective as boiling water over a candle. Sure, it can be done but it’s labor intensive and the results rarely surpass the effort. It doesn’t take long before the excitement wears off and you become bored and depressed.

Why do you think there are so many apps out there for scheduling social media?

The problem with the apps is they don’t tell you when to schedule and they don’t tell you what to schedule. It’s like someone handing you a pan and telling you to cook dinner. Okay…….now what?

There is a solution.

2. Consistency

Being consistent takes stamina. You may get revved up for short bursts and then peter out because without a plan you can’t maintain your momentum.

With a pre-made plan your can see when and where to post on social media. It takes the brief surges and transforms them into long-term consistent endurance.

You don’t just share in bursts, you share regularly. It makes all the difference.

3. Tracking

Once you define your schedule and create a plan for consistency the key is to track your progress.

Don’t throw out posts and social media shares and then never go back to see what your audience connected with. Don’t fail to take the time to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Spend a small amount of time each week tracking your share and you will begin to understand what your audience likes, what makes them click, and what their hot buttons are.

Remember as a kid when you’d flip your bicycle over and spin the wheels? To keep them spinning you had to keep connecting with the tires. If you did it fast you got tired fast. It didn’t take long to realize if you hit it with your hand then let it spin for a bit then hit it again and let it spin you could keep it going for hours.

The same with social media. You don’t have to be on it 24/7. If you schedule your posts, share them consistently, and track their progress, you will find two important pieces of the puzzle: sustainable rhythm and insights into what your audience likes.

With tracking you can harness the power of what works.

So how did I make a breakthrough with all of these elements? I put them on paper.

The result was The ULTIMATE Social Media Scheduling Kit. 18 pages of instructions, pre-scheduled checklists, and a tracking sheets to take the guesswork out of when and where to post on social media.

The ULTIMATE Social Media Scheduling Kit is simple, fast, customizable, and makes tracking a breeze.

But I don’t want you to have to spend all the time trying to figure out the best times to share so I’ve done it for you. All you have to do is follow along with your posts and watch your engagement start to soar.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

You can get your copy today and make your own social media breakthrough. What are you waiting for?


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