What’s Next? Post-Allume Action Steps

Wow! What a weekend.

Hopefully you have made it home, gotten some rest (I got Mother of the Year Award when I came home after the 2013 conference, but more about that later) and started to decompress from the weekend.

Allume Stage - graphic

Conferences, like Allume, are bound to leave you with much to process and digest over the next few days and weeks. But where do you even begin? To get you started, in a way that isn’t too overwhelming, I encourage you to start working through these action steps. When you do something practical like this, amazingly you will start to process as well. Funny how that works.  Have fun!!

1:  Get social

Go through all of your business cards. Like and follow the people you met this weekend. It’s ok if they don’t write a blog you will read regularly. The point is to network. Down the road, weeks, or even months, from now, someone is going to ask you a question, or need some information that you can provide via your Allume sisters. Be ready because this weekend wasn’t the end of the divine appointments. They just keep coming.  Don’t miss ’em.

2:  Review your notes

Write them out if you need to. Type them up and store them in your computer. Print them out. Put them in a section of your blogging notebook so that you can review them in the months to come. I guarantee that something you heard and took note of this weekend will be desperately needed in the coming days. Besides that, I’ll bet you can’t remember what you wrote last Thursday night. Go back and check it out.

3:  Unpack your books

Put the books you received on a shelf near your bed or desk. You won’t be able to read them all right now, but over the next year, ask the Lord to direct you to the ones He wants you to read. Some will be great. Some, perhaps not as meaningful. But, in that swag bag is at least one thing that you need to read. And if you ask Him, He will show you when you need to read it.

allume books

4:  Support a cause

If you already have a cause, you are ahead of the game. If not, go through the materials you received either in your bag or at one of the sponsor tables and find a cause that you can support and champion on your site. Pray about your involvement. Keep in mind that it might not even be for you, but for one or more readers who visit your site. Believe it or not, buttons can save lives. Don’t cheat anyone out of their dreams because you are overwhelmed with what we learned about this weekend. Make your blog a conduit for what the Lord is doing around the globe.

5:  Keep in touch

You are no longer a newbie!! Yay for you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in touch with the people you met and even the ones you didn’t from the weekend. Keep talking, encouraging, praying for and supporting one another. Comment on one another’s posts, retweet, pin and show the love. As you do your community will grow and who doesn’t want that?

6:  Reach out

Hopefully this weekend showed you that there are a lot of bloggers, a lot of voices and a lot of opportunities to reach others in unique and varied ways. It is also an opportunity to reach out to either a keynote speaker or session speaker that you heard. Send them a note, encourage them, let them know how they touched you, ask a question. It’s time to move on from being star-struck to being part of the community as a whole. Yes, even Ann Voskamp. As I reminded my girls this weekend, she puts her chonies on one leg at a time, just like you.

7:  Pray

You took in a lot of information this weekend. It may take weeks to process everything you heard and did. Start praying now, that the Lord will remind you of the things you need. Ask him to help you as you review your notes, count on Him to give you what you got from the weekend, exactly when you need it. He’s so cool like that.

8:  Share what you know

For all of the girls who were able to attend Allume there were many more who were unable to attend, for whatever reason. Share what you learned with others through your blog. Whether it’s your notes or your thoughts or your ideas, be sure to share them with your readers so that the light of Allume keeps burning bright. The information will be useless if you do not share it.

9:  Accept your limitations

There were a lot of sponsors and speakers and groups and ideas flying around this weekend. If you are anything like me, your heart was tugged by all of them. Your new dream might be to support every orphan, every mission, every ministry and every project. But you can’t.  No on can. That’s the beauty of it. We all have a part to play but none of us can do everything. God didn’t create us to do it all. He just wants us to do our part, however big and however small. So accept your limitations. Be ok with it. Because He is.


10:  Be thankful

Attending Allume is a blessing.  I, for one, have been very grateful that I was able to leave behind my everyday life, even just for a weekend, and spend time in community with other women who love Jesus and blogging, in that order. Totally awesome! Be overflowing with gratitude this week as you get back into the swing of kids, homeschooling, work, meal planning and laundry. Love on your people and remember that God is good. All the time.

I wish you all the best in your reintroduction into real life. Mine came the morning after I got home, when I woke up to find my youngest had hurled all over the floor. I asked him why he didn’t wake me up. His response was, “I tried.  You wouldn’t wake up.” That’s right, Mom of the Year, right here. The kids were even shaking me and I was just too tired to wake up. You know, I partially blame my roommates for this. We just had too much fun. My funny bone now needs a 12-step recovery program. Oh well, I can only get better from here right?

Ok, now go out there and ROCK!



–> Get social because this weekend wasn’t the end of the divine appointments.

–> Unpack your books because in that swag bag is at least one thing that you need to read. 

–> Support a cause and make your blog a conduit for what the Lord is doing around the globe.

–> Reach out and move on from being star-struck to being part of the community as a whole.

–> Share what you know, otherwise the information you gleaned will be useless.

–> None of us can do everything so accept your limitations and do your part.

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  1. Reply Sandy Hafeez

    This is so helpful Debi! Thanks for this – and all of your encouragement, words of wisdom and caramel corn – lets not forget the caramel corn 🙂

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Oh good Sandy! I hope you can use it in the days to come. And yes, we must NOT forget about the caramel corn. It was so much fun to meet you in real life. Happy blogging my friend!

  2. Reply Bstar0306

    Great tips! All your tips are awesome! TY! I’ve started to do these things. I made an ‘Allume’ category in my feedly RSS feeds so I can follow peoples blogs and I’ve been following new friends on twitter/instagram/fb all weekend. I’ll work on more of your tips over the course of the week/weekend…as I unpack and get organized.

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      You are on it girl! Way to go. I’m so glad you were at the conference and I hope you came away with some great information. Awesome.

  3. Reply Mama Kautz

    Not missing next year. Allume fills more of me than ‘just’ a blog conference…it’s a retreat and Women Of Faith all in one

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      You know, that really describes it well. I agree. I missed seeing you there this weekend. I was having prepper withdrawals. I just need to go park in the middle of your pinterest pages for a while I guess.

      1. Reply Mama Kautz

        HAHA I have many now…tried to separate by topic 🙂

        1. Reply Debi Stangeland

          I’m on it. So much to learn and read. I love it!!

  4. Reply Barbie

    Oh I really want to go next year! I am going to pray that it happens. Thank you for sharing what you learned.

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      You are so welcome. I tell you Barbie, this would be right up your ally. Seriously. This year’s conference had Barbie written all over it. I hope you can attend next year. But in the meantime – keep being your beautiful, awesome, rockin’ self.

  5. Reply Lisha Epperson

    Two Things – 1. While reading this I could hear your voice. Love that!
    and 2. don’t blame me for your need of a 12 step recovery program…not unless you book me as your roommate at a really swanky “facility” – Loved being your roomie Debi! You….ROCK!

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Oh, I DO blame you. When God invented funny He created you to package it in. Girl! All I have to do is see your name and I start laughing. That was the most fun I’ve had in ages so thank you. You made my whole weekend. Love you!!!

  6. Reply kasmith03

    Love this!! You were the very first person to welcome me and recognize me and that made the entire rest of the weekend much easier. Thank you for that!!

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      That was fun, so see a familiar face at the airport wasn’t it? It sounds like you had a great weekend and I am so glad. I look forward to seeing how you use what you learned on your blog and in your writing. Happy Blogging my friend!

  7. Reply Miriam

    Good stuff, Debi! I might complete the steps sometime in september…but I’m good with that and the mess that I am. I’m also SO good with having been to alume!!! It was like the best summer camp EVER!
    PS – I’m looking forward to having a happier looking head-shot, can I just say that? (Can’t wait to see our head shots from allume :))

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Ha! I hear ya sister. Whenever you work through the weekend it will be all good. I’m looking forward to our photos too. Can’t wait. It was a real pleasure to meet you this weekend. I loved it. Happy blogging my friend!

  8. Reply Barefoot Hippie Girl

    Agree, agree, agree. Btw, Miriam, that is the best description…best summer camp ever.=)
    I have piles all over my house which is driving me nuts. But the most important thing for my sanity yesterday was to sleep.

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      It was very fun to meet you in real life. I hope you can use these tips to get organized and really use what you learned this weekend. And while you do it – Have FUN!!!

  9. Reply jenmurray

    Thank you for this! My mind is full and my excitement has not waned and this just made everything easier. 🙂 Have a beautiful week!!

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      I am so glad. Have fun processing and growing.

  10. Reply Zohary Ross

    Debi, these are really great tips. Thanks for sharing!
    But now, i feel partially responsible for your lack of sleep resulting in not being there for your sweet boy in the middle of the night. . . I hope he’s feeling better. XO

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      Oh, he’s fine. My funny bone however, that IS your fault. But didn’t we have fun. I’m so glad you were there with me. I had a great weekend because of you. Love you!! Have a fab week.

  11. Reply Karrilee Aggett

    This is so great! You are such a blessing – full of tips and help and insight! So glad we got to meet up inrl – even if it was just in the bathroom! 😉

    1. Reply Debi Stangeland

      I know, that was way too short, bit I’m so glad it happened. Thanks for stopping by!!

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