The most successful bloggers are consistent. Whether they post once a month or 5 days a week they do it the same way time after time.

Consistency takes planning. Life is busy and anything but consistent so it takes extra effort to get in front of your computer on a regular basis. When you do finally make it to the keyboard, it takes even more effort to make sure you write valuable content that follows the same layout and pattern each time.

Add to this the exertion you have to put forth to stay on top of social media and you’ve got a perfect recipe for quitting.

But don’t do it.

There are 3 free blog tools that will make a gigantic difference in your world if you use them regularly. They take the guesswork out of creating full, rich posts and will keep you on track as you grow your social media presence.

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It’s all about being organized.

Blogging takes work. It also takes planning and consistency. Use these 3 free blog tools to set yourself up for success. Grow a blog you love. ★ Learn How to Blog ★

1. Blog Posting Checklist

This checklist will guarantee you have a complete and perfectly planned post every time.

From the post body to the SEO elements, this simple tool will help you to create blog posts that are consistently organized, have all the essential elements, and have an equal chance to perform well. This is an important factor because if you forget to add the key elements to a post, you are only cheating yourself from allowing that post to perform up to par.

You don’t want to put in all the work of writing a post and then hamstring its effectiveness because you forgot to categorize your topic or add the proper title to a picture for SEO value. That would be lame.

Over time these elements will become habits, but even after 7+ years of blogging, I use this checklist because kids, a husband and a dog interrupt my writing all the time. I am notorious for  forgetting to share my post to Google+ or adding a tweetable. I lose my train of thought and need a helpful reminder to include all the pieces and parts.

This checklist really does make a huge difference in my consistency.

NOTE: on this checklist you will find a place to share your post to Pincredible Bloggers. If you are not a member of this group board on Pinterest, you are invited. Check the board descriptions for instructions on joining and start sharing your blog with a wider audience.

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2. Weekly Goals & Tasks Packet

You already know that  blogging takes work and planning. It also takes consistency. This means you can’t just write when inspiration hits. Who even knows how long that could take?

Consistency comes when you plan to write. Whether it’s every day or on certain days of the week, you have to make it a priority to sit down at your computer and write. It doesn’t have to be an entire post in one sitting, but it needs to be something you can use for a post.

Perhaps you sit and write ideas for several posts. That’s perfect.

You have to plan and you need a way to do it. You can buy an expensive planner or write things down in your phone. But I think having a specific plan for just your blog is extremely effective.

It’s simple – 3 goals for the week. These might be your blog posts. They might be 2 posts and a link up. Or how about a post, 3 new Pinterest boards, and scheduling some Facebook shares.

This packet will give you space for your 3 goals plus a daily task list for each one. This should not be a complicated process, but you do have to make a plan. This is the easiest way I know to make that happen week in and week out.

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3. Social Media Strategy Checklist

Social media is not a post-and-forget-about-it proposition. It takes constant planning and effort to make social media platforms work for you. Especially if you are new to blogging, you need to visit your social media sites often and be active on them.

This checklist makes it uber simple to grow your social media presence and stay on top of your shares. You don’t have to just hope you are doing it right. Now you can know what, how, and when to do it.

Remember, only pick two social media platforms to focus on if you are just starting out. To find out which ones drive traffic to your site review this video:

If you are rocking your two platforms and are ready to add another, this checklist will help you jump in seamlessly.

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There is an added feature – Facebook Scheduling. Use this tool to share regularly on Facebook and start building up your shares and likes on this powerful platform.

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Whether you are a newbie or have been blogging for years, using tools that keep you organized and focused can make a gigantic difference. These 3 free blog tools are exactly what you need to maximize your reach and grow a successful blog you love. Stay ahead of whatever life throws at you by being prepared. Keep moving forward with these free blog tools.

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